I know you guys have heard me say this before… but, it's getting harder and harder for me to write these blog entries.  It's not that I don't love the weddings/sessions we photograph… it's that I'm running out of words to explain their awesomeness without sounding like a broken record. (I already do).  Afterall, that's precisely why I'm a photographer and not a writer… I'm better at showing you their story rather than telling it. 🙂

I hear from our blog readers way too commonly… "I just read the captions with the photos but skip all that text at the end."  So, I keep asking myself… why do I spend so much time writing it if most people aren't even reading it?! 

It's also INCREDIBLY time consuming for me… I'm embarrassed to admit how long each one takes.  In that time, I could be doing other things which would allow us to shoot more. WIN/WIN! 😀  Truth be told, I've been considering making these changes for quite a while but always feared that I would hurt the feelings of the people who we photographed… but they know I've got nothin' but love!!!!!

I'd like to set a precedent for 2010. From now on, I'll still write the captions that go along with the photos… and if something ESPECIALLY hilarious or thought provoking happens, I'll add it at the end, but otherwise… it's going to have fresh content.  Two things I'd like to include in all wedding blog entries: 1) the list of vendors (I hate that word) that we work with at every wedding so future bride/grooms know where to find all of the amazingness. 2) A little something from the bride or groom… I'm not really sure what this will be quite yet… but, I think it has the potential to be very cool. K? k. 

I'm not 100% sure if any of this will stick… as it might evolve to something completely different… time will tell 🙂 I can, however, tell you… I'm really excited about all of this 😀  Oh… and if you guys have any ideas/suggestions… lemme have 'em! I'm alllll ears 😀

I plan on blogging our first wedding from this year tomorrow (YAY!).  So, be on the look out for the changes.

You guys are THE best blog readers… just are 🙂

Love love love!

~bobbi ❗