we are family.

I photograph every family as if they were my own. Soooo... don't be shocked when I show up for Thanksgiving dinner. But really... I'll see you at 4.

  • 01

    I view photography through what I refer to as, “30-year-goggles.” The older an image gets, the more special it becomes.

    I want you to look back on your photos 30 years from now and not only remember what you looked like, but how you felt, how the laughter sounded.  I want you to remember the little things that no one ever noticed (but I sure did!).

    I promise to photograph your family through the eyes of the people who love you.  

  • 02
    No more excuses.

    This is your life now!  When we pass, there are few things left to remember us by.  I’m about to soap box so buckle up. You owe it to your children and your future grandchildren!

    Quit waiting to lose those last ten pounds! I assure you that your kids think you’re the most gorgeous mom in the whooooole wide world!

    Make it happen, NOW! 

    No more excuses.
  • 03
    You'll love getting your photo taken.

    “I hate getting my photo taken!” I know you do. Me too. However, did you notice all of those genuine smiles in my portfolio? They all said the same thing before their session. Not to worry! I specialize in getting people to relax so their personalities can shine. I promise that the experience will be as delightful as the outcome!

    Challenge Happily Accepted.

    You'll love getting your photo taken.
  • 04
    You’re beautiful! Let me prove it to you.

    Insecure, inschmecure! I’ll show you how beautiful you are through the eyes of the people who love you.

    I’m good at this, you’ll see!

    You’re beautiful! Let me prove it to you.
I can't wait to photograph you!
best day!

One package. No hidden fees. Simple, honest and stress free.

  • two photographers

    Bobbi & Megan, need I say more?

  • full resolution images

    50-80 love-filled images delivered in high resolution so you can print to your hearts content.

  • online gallery

    Your images will be hosted in an online gallery which can easily be shared with friends & family.

  • two hours

    Sessions happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays when things aren't nearly as crowded around town!

  • print & display release

    So you can use, share, and print 'em up!

  • stretched canvas

    Time to start filling up those blank walls with some amazingness! 24x36" (More sizes available)

  • prints

    Available In all shapes and sizes. Email for a detailed price list.

    prices vary
  • modern family album

    12" X 12" 24-page flush mount album. Bound with full-page edge-to-edge prints, our albums are the best of the best! Custom designed from start to finish. Extra pages are $60/pg.

  • proof set

    Entire collection printed as 4" x 6" and delivered in a custom heirloom box.

Reno Family
No. 04

The experience of being photographed was just as important as the images. We left feeling excited, refreshed, happy and even more in love. My husband who did not even shed a tear on our wedding day cried within one minute of viewing our images..we were both laughing and crying with joy. She captured us in a way no one has been able to before.

– Reno Family Next
Delavergne Family
No. 04

The fact that we snagged Bobbi for our most monumental, intimate, vulnerable, proud and joyful points in our lives is nothing short of a miracle.  She's not only the best of the best, she really has that spark, the extra something that people gravitate toward and respond to. She captured us in the most honest way, true to who we are. 

– Delavergne Family Next
Davis Family
No. 04

I expected that our images would be "good". I didn't expect the energy and the way that she made the session SO MUCH FUN. My kids were tricked into thinking that we were on a really fun adventure and a few cameras happened to be following us around. We treasure the way our family was perfectly captured during this season of our lives.

– Davis Family Next
Souders Family
No. 04

I have a 3-4 year span of when all of my kids will be at ages where they still want to hang out with us. I'm so glad we have these days in photos!  I have no doubt they'll be forever hung in our home. Thank you Bobbi for such a fun day and for making the kids' personalities shine, and for capturing some of my most favorite days as a mom!

– Souders Family Next