i love love.

I promise to make your love story look as amazing as it felt; and you know that means it's going to look OH SO good!

  • 01
    You’re beautiful! Let me prove it to you.

    Insecure, inschmecure! I’ll show you how beautiful you are through the eyes of the people who love you.

    I’m good at this, you’ll see!

    You’re beautiful! Let me prove it to you.
  • 02
    I'll make sure you love getting your photo taken!

    “I hate getting my photo taken!” I know you do. Me too. However, did you notice all of those genuine smiles in my portfolio? They all said the same thing before their session. Not to worry! I specialize in getting people to relax so their personalities can shine. I promise that the experience will be as delightful as the outcome!

    Challenge Happily Accepted.

    I'll make sure you love getting your photo taken!
  • 03
    Relax; we got this.

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s an honor and a privilege to be asked to photograph it, and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously. You can instead spend your day being madly in love with the person you’re marrying. We gotchyou!

    Not to worry, your wedding memories are in good hands.

    Relax; we got this.
  • 04
    For hire: wedding day best friend.

    Dress bustler. Boutonniere pinner. Bow maker. Hair fixer. Groomsmen rangler. Bouquet repairer. Veil saver. Drink fetcher. Weather watcher. Piece-of-cake saver.

    If it needs done, we’re on the job!

    *Matching BFF necklace not required but always appreciated.
    For hire: wedding day best friend.
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let's keep this simple

One package. No hidden fees. Simple, honest and stress free.

  • two photographers

    Bobbi & Megan, need I say more?

  • 9 hours

    From getting ready through the main events, we've got you covered!

  • full resolution digital files

    Use, share and print as many and as often as you'd like! Display and print release included. Delivered electronically.

  • online gallery

    Your images will be hosted in an online gallery which can easily be shared with friends & family.

  • family finder

    "Brother John never listens!" Relaaaax, I'll go find him.

  • hilarious jokes

    I suuuuure didn't get voted class clown in high school because I'm lame! HA!

  • expert bustler

    I'll help tie it and then I'll help fix it when someone steps on it. Hey, it happens! I once even sewed one in when the seamstress forgot to put one in.

  • perfect bows & square knots

    No one knows how to tie the sash? Good news! I'm a certified bow-tying YouTube expert.

  • engagement session

    You've just made the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF YOUR ENTIIIIRE LIFE... yeah, get some photos of that. NO BRAINER!

  • extra time

    Hey party animals, need more hours? We're in!

  • custom guestbook

    Your engagement photos in an 8x10” 30-page book with white space available for all of your guests to sign.

  • wedding album

    12X12" 24-page flush mount album. Bound with full-page edge-to-edge prints, our albums are the best of the best! Custom designed from start to finish. Extra pages are $60/pg

  • parent album

    10X10" duplicate 24-page album. The perfecto gift for your parents... an exact replica of your album, just smaller! (Price only applicable to exact duplicate albums)

  • stretched canvas

    Time to start filling up those blank walls with some amazingness! 24" x 36" (More sizes available)

prices listed include 25% discount if added at the time of booking.
Stephanie & Jason
No. 04

Bobbi creates such a fun atmosphere all the while being a complete professional - this woman is boss! When we look at our photos, we not only see the gorgeous compositions and perfect lighting but we remember exactly how we felt on that day.

– Stephanie & Jason Next
Breanna & Tommy
No. 04

In our wedding photos, you can practically hear our laughter. Bobbi's photos capture a relationship and all of its silliness, sweetness, and fun -- they're just "us." Brides, your wedding photographer is with you as much as your maid of honor on your wedding day. Believe me when I say, you want Bobbi there with you!

– Breanna & Tommy Next
Sarah & Rehan
No. 04

When I got engaged, I told my now husband that a non-negotiable for our wedding was Bobbi. The reasons were simple--Bobbi is the most talented photographer I've ever seen and she takes control and keeps you calm on the big day. I knew I would never have to worry about anything because I have absolute trust in Bobbi's talent and ability to manage.

– Sarah & Rehan Next
MurphyMo & ZoBelle
No. 04






– MurphyMo & ZoBelle Next
Blair & Dan
No. 04

When you hire a photographer, you hope for the standard things - great shots, professionalism, easy to work with, etc. With Bobbi, we got all of that and WAY more - a friend, a bubbly side kick, an advisor, a firecracker with energy and a person that not only made the picture part of the wedding day FUN, but the rest of the night too.

– Blair & Dan Next
Sarah & Sam
No. 04

It's hard to describe just how talented Bobbi is. When you look at one of her pictures, you're not just looking at a still shot -- you're reliving everything about that moment. Because somehow, it's all in there. I can confidently say we'll never use another photographer.

– Sarah & Sam Next