March/April to a tax accountant is a photographer’s September/October/November…

These last two and a half months have been nothing short of chaos. But amazing chaos nonetheless! We’ve traveled from coast to coast for some incredible weddings, spoke at a photography conference in Michigan, photographed a ton of awesome sessions, and this past week we’ve been knee deep in bbmk workshop amazingness. Oh, and to top it off, holiday ordering deadlines are this week, BOOOOOM!

So, we’ve been shooting/traveling a ton with very little time between to process the images …and that’s what the rest of November will be full of!


Here’s what we have coming up…

molly+glen  ::  wedding  :: Sacramento, Calif.

jodie+troy  ::  engagement

amy+jon  ::  engagement

faye+andy+evie  ::  family

robin+peter+thomas  ::  family

courtney+adam+conner+lilli  ::  family

ali+charles+james+isabella+evie+twins on the way  ::  family

ashley+casey  ::  wedding  ::  St. Louis, Mo.

clary+travis+hughes+jeggie  ::  family

danielle+sheridan  ::  engagement  ::  workshop

abigail+collin  ::  engagement  ::  workshop



For those of who are too excited to wait for the full blog post, I always post up a sneak peek over on the bobbi+mike Facebook page. So, head over there and “Like” us if you want to stay in the loop. 🙂

And because a blog post just doesn’t look right without an image, here’s one of us taken at our most recent workshop by attendee Julia. 🙂


Much love!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓