Bryce, one of the BEST stylists I've EVER seen in action!












i LOVE Whitney's eyes! 






John Moon from Northern Light Filmworks was shooting some 8mm film and Erin wanted to try the camera out.  After filming for about a minute she said, "This shakey thing is giving me a headache!"






Meanwhile… 🙂











 Mike and his brother Kyle trying to figure out the cuff link situation… Mike's shirt didn't come with button holes so they had to cut new ones.  😉






That makeup?! Yeah… AMAAAAAZING!  If you're getting married in Indiana, book Kiralee RIGHT NOW!






My favorite ❗














 Ready to walk down the aisle… 🙂










Mikey's favorite ❓






Mr and Mrs… !!!!!!!!


































Dancing to DMB.  🙂






 and the PERFECT shot to end on… THE WORM!!!!!!





FRENCH LICK, Ind.  Whitney and Mike… SO in love and SO perfect for each other. 

I can't begin to describe how much fun we had with these two and their bridal party!  The girls were HILAAAAARIOUS!  It felt like we had all been friends for y
ears.  Our personalities meshed together PERFECTLY! 

The guys were quite the fun bunch, too!  Because of the aforementioned drama with the cufflink situation… we only had about 5 minutes to take photos of the groomsmen prior to the ceremony.  These men brought their A-Game that day because we made magic in that five minutes 😀 Okay, that was cheesy… but, you get the point!

I can't not mention this because it was such a huge part of who they are…. Whitney and Mike have both lost their dads within the last five years. I can't even imagine.  The day was full of so many different emotions.   When the two were introduced into their reception, Mike took the microphone… He talked about their dads and said that instead of a moment of silence… let's give them a round of applause… the place erupted into cheers, hollers and applause.  It was so incredibly awesome.  


Slide show anyone?  Click here!  The user name is Whitney's maiden name, and the password is Mike's last name in all lower case.

Also, the entire collection of images may be found by clicking here.  The event key is Mike's last name.



We love you guys,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


Thank you Matt for providing the perfect (veil) backdrop for our photo. 🙂  And regarding my hair… I just want to say that I don't actually FIX my hair to look like chicken wings… it just happens throughout the day when I stick it behind my ears.  😉  






 And now Rachael is WEARING our backdrop.






A different take on our normal "action" shots.  This was taken right after the above photo was taken.  It makes me smile BIG smiles!




❗ + ❓