We drove in yesterday… hence the lack of my weigh in. 😉

Why are we here? To close out the books. Luckily for us… my Aunt Karen is a PRO at this Quickbooks stuff. So every year she helps us get all squared away and ready for the accountant.

Here are MANY of the things that make me happy about this trip:

  1. Corrie came over to Aunt Karen’s house last night and spent the night. Maybe you all remember from my solo trip here mid-December… she’s PREGNANT!!!!!! THIS time, as opposed to last time I was here… She is WAY showing and SO cute! Maybe she’ll let me take a photo… and show you her adorableness. It’s actually VERY surreal seeing your BEST friend since childhood with a baby in her belly! I can’t believe how excited I am!!! Right now, she’s at 22 weeks… yeah, I’m definitely going to talk her into a photo 🙂 And maybe THIS time I won’t forget to get a photo of the two of us together 😉
  2. This afternoon we’re heading over to Heather’s house to photograph her 😀 She’s in the midst of creating an entirely NEW website and needs a photo 🙂 I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see that skinny betty!!!!!!! (Maybe you guys remember that she’s my “healthy train co-conductor” 🙂 …so, be ready for our joint weigh in tomorrow morning, YEAHYEAHYEAH!) I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about photoing her… I always get this way when I know it’s another photographer. She’ll tell me I’m crazy… Whatever. 😉
  3. Tonight… Heather is setting up a little get together at her house with some of KC’s most talented photographers. YAY! So, stay tuned for thattttttttt….
  4. On Sunday we’re going to snap a few quickie portraits of my cousin Brittany. She JUST got her braces off (after THREE YEARS) and is GORGEOUS (Though, she was beautiful with the braces, too 🙂 ) This is a monumental thing… so, I don’t blame her in the LEAST for wanting to work it for the camera.
  5. Wednesday… Mikey and I are photographing my cousin Allie’s senior portraits. Allie has such a fun, eclectic, funky, crazy colored hair, teenage style… so it’s gonna be fun to really get some outside of the box type of shots. (Don’t worry g-mom… we’ll get some “normal” ones, too 😉 ) Here’s a little known Bobbi fact… when I was 15, parts of my hair were purple 😉 Hey… we all go through stages, right 😀
  6. Wednesday, after the shoot… my family is getting together for dinner. That includes: G-Mom, Aunt Karen, her daughter Brittany, Aunt Kay, her kids Willie and Allie, Corrie (she’s family) and her sweet husband Jeff. YEAH!
  7. Thursday we drive back 🙁

Now, I know what you’re thinking… how does that leave any time for you to get the books done?! 🙂 We’re hoping that part happens QUICKLY!!!! Though, that’s really just wishful thinking. It’s looking to me like many late nights of data entry. I know you could have guessed this… that’s not my favorite thing in the world to do 🙂 But, as I mentioned earlier… we’re in good company. So, it could be MUCH worse.

You know… I LOVE spending time with my family. My mom, along with my Aunt Karen, G-Mom and Papa raised me (Papa passed away in 2002… ). So because they were such a big part of my upbringing, I’m INCREDIBLY close to all of them. They’re so hilarious… and the giggling NEVER stops (poor Mikey). I wish I could show you photos of them… BUT they’re all very camera shy. Maybe I can sneak a photo in here or there so you guys can see how much fun we all have… Mikey’s better at being smooth so maybe he can do it 🙂 That, and they can’t say no to his pretty green eyes… trust me, I know!

More later….

Oh, and what’s a photo blog without a PHOTO?! So… you guys will just have to deal with a photo that Mikey took of yours truly. 🙂 Though, I kinda look like a bobblehead doll. 😉




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