Hellooooooo friends… reporting in from the laptop….

So, yes yes yes… we’ve had the busiest winter ever!

…and for the exclamation point on this winter…

We officially said goodbye to our studio. 🙁

BUT! We said HELLOOOOOOO to our first house!!!!!!! 😀

Packed everything starting Saturday…

Then, everything was moved in on Monday!

Nothing says “I’m a real grownup in my fancy new house” like black trash bags used as curtains… 😀

We’ve never been more excited/exhausted in our entire lives!

We still have TONS of boxes to unpack… and must get it alllll done before our official shooting season starts NEXT WEEK.

More about all of the above soon 😀

…back to regularly scheduled blogging in May. Promise!

Thanks for your patience 🙂

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

PS. HUGE thanks to both of our moms for all of their help!!!!