Let me start by saying this… I'm a big slacker 🙂 I didn't bust out my camera even once while in Vegas… Leave it to a photographer to not have a camera.  SO, I'm borrowing photos (with permission 🙂 ) from awesome photographers who weren't slackers. 🙂

The absolute highlight of our week week in Vegas…. withOUT a doubt… was the BluDomain party 😀 The famous Mammoth Men (12 VERY talented wedding photographers) ROCKED out the night with some AMAZING karaoke.  I know I know… karaoke sounds completely lame… However, I ASSURE YOU…. IT WAS FAR FROM LAME!!!!!! OH MY GOSH WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! Heather and I proudly claimed our front row view and ROCKED IT OUT!

Without further ado… here are two of those images from the aforementioned non-slacker photographers.


Taken by Kansas City's own Tracy Routh.  Can I just say… Heather, you're a rockstar!!!!!!! I wonder why you woke up the next day with a neck ache? 🙂


Taken by our new friend, and super talented Kelli Nicole 🙂 Who knew I could even MAKE that face?!  Tara Whitney said this when she saw it, "you pulled off the ugly pretty! Tyra Banks would be so proud. Hahaha!"  Tara, I adore your honesty 😀


You MUST check out Kelli Nicole's blog for more amazing photos from that night… She was ON it!

We genuinely had the time of our lives in Vegas… and I brought home the flu to prove it 🙁

If we go next year… I promise to bring my camera. 🙂


~bobbi ❗

PS. It was SO great meeting SO many of you! 😀