I just noticed that the A-List contest is happening RIGHT NOW!  …and it happens to be ending in 6 days!

12I don’t mean to brag but… you know…

…all thanks to you!

But truthfully, by 2010 we felt silly asking for votes.

On Thursday night I just happened to notice that the contest was going on… and that’s when ridiculously-competitive-student-council-winning-Bobbi showed her fangs. HHHHHH!!!! (that was me making crazy vampire hiss face… as if it weren’t obvious?!).

So whatever, silly or not… it sure would be fun to win!

The contest has been going on for nearly two months… and it ends in SIX DAYS! Needless to say, we’re quite late to the campaign party… you know… where all of your friends come over and you draw your campaign posters with a wide array of colorful sharpies or paint them using only your finest Tempera Paints. Though let’s be real… I was way too much of a perfectionist to allow anyone else to draw, let alone paint my campaign posters!

I digress…

It looks as though the person in the lead has over 300 votes. We have 90. Sooooo yeahhhhh…. we have a waaaays to go! Full disclosure: Two of the votes are from Mike and I. Oh, and one is from my mom. Oh come on?! Who do you think Barack Obama voted for?! Psh.

I digress…

We would very much appreciate a vote… after all, we couldn’t do it without you!

It’s SUPER easy. Here’s how it works: Step one: Click that yellow button. There is no step two. BADABOOM BADABING… it’s that easy! [br] [br] [br]

[br] Let’s DOOOO this! 😀

I never feel right about a blog entry without a photo… so here’s a side by side of me and my brother Beeker. The family resemblance is uncanny, right?! (taken with my iPhone 4, don’t judge me. I’ll cut you!)

[br] [br] Thanks in advance friends… for everything. 🙂

Sending each of you high fives and big hugs!

Much love,

~bobbi ❗ [br] [br] [br]

PS. Notice how many photographers there were in 07 vs 10? I think that this year it’s 284. Are you kidding me?! Wedding photography sure must be an easy gig! 😉

[br] [br] [br]