We’re at WPPI…. you’re at WPPI…. so…. YAY and HI! Oh, and some awesome people wearing these shirts are also at WPPI. [br]
You should find them because they have something for you.  Free stuff.  Like a free trial pack of album templates with the most amazing, easy-to-understand interactive tutorial ever.  Oh, and they have a discount code if you decide you’d like a full set, BOOOOOOOM! [br]
Try it out, it’s free.  You will be laying out beautiful, clean, timeless albums in less than an hour.  Revisions in a few minutes.  BOOM!  OK, now go live life with all that time you  just saved!  🙂

Hope to see you all here! [br]

Much love!

~Bobbi ❗ [br]