How perfect and beautiful is Momma Tasha?! Favorite #1 ❗


 and yes yes yes… an oh so proud Dad 🙂


 meet Elijah, he's awesome.


 When I first met him and saw other photos of him on Facebook I thought he looked JUST like his dad… HOWEVER, after taking his photo I've since changed my mind 🙂 He definitely does have Mark's nose… but that mouth/those lips and his little chin… that's Tasha, ALL THE WAY! 🙂


 Mike's favorite ❓


Newborns are used to being very bundled up, especially in the winter. When you take them out of their blanket cocoon for photos… they're usually not fans 🙂




 I'm so in love with him… he really is a perfect baby 🙂


 Tasha, I adore you. K? k.


 Favorite #2 ❗









INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  Since I've known Tasha, she's been so excited to be a mom… and let me tell you, she's a natural, and of course… perfect 😀  Seeing these two with their son was just so surreal to me. It's SO great seeing these families grow from engagement session/wedding/maternity and now a newborn session… there's nothing more fulfilling than this. Just sayin'.  

Tasha and Mark… those two will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. Just will. For those who've been following this blog for the past 3 years, then I'm sure you understand… I can't really explain it 🙂 Tasha said it best in the comment section of the blog after her maternity session:

"…….the truth is it wouldn't be a monumental occasion in Mark and I's life unless you and Mike were there to capture it…and not in a conspicuous kind of way, but in true Bobbi and Mike style where you are actually a part of our special occasion. Love to you guys and thanks again.  Can't wait for Elijah's session!!!!!"

BTW yes yes yes, if some of the paint colors look familiar… that's because it is… we took these in our studio. 🙂 Now USUALLY, our studio is for meetings only as it's not really set up to shoot in… but then Tasha said her house had no windows. So, we made it happen… and for Tasha+Mark… we'd do anything 😀 It took a little bit of rearranging, but the light in here is the BEST available light EVER 🙂 

Love you guys 🙂

~auntie bobbi+uncle mike (as appointed by Tasha)


 this is the rug that sits under my desk 🙂



❗ + ❓