I love photographing families. 🙂

From left to right: Harrison (AKA, Harry), Tara, Lennon, John, Norah.
06_Long_BBMK_2015Those names…. think they’re Beatles fans?! Yeahhhh…. I’d say! I mean, at first glance you’d think that Norah was the only non-Beatle name. But… being quite the fan myself I knew immediately that it is in fact Beatle-related. Norah Jones is the daughter of Ravi Shankar who greatly influenced George Harrison’s music. 02_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15Meet Lennon.  Here are the five words his parents used to describe him: Bookworm, Soccer Star, Lego Aficionado, Kind Hearted, Jokester
03_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15What fun parents you two are!04_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15Heeeeere’s Norah! She’s her mom’s twin. 🙂 Here are her five words:T-Swift Lover, Sassy, Pack Rat, Motherly, Competitive  05_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15Love dad’s shirt… Bayside Tigers. 🙂06_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15And last but most certainly not least… HARRISON!  This kid is made of PURE joy…!!! His five words: Dinosaur Aficionado, Mama’s Boy, Artist, Laid Back, Smiley 07_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15Then a quickie outfit change and we headed to a field. 08_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15I adore this family. 🙂
09_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15Happy 13 year anniversary you two!10_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15I LOOOOVE THISSSSS!!!! My favorite ❗11_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15

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Indianapolis, Ind.

tara+john  ::  married 13 years • 7.27.02

How they met, as told by Tara  :: We met when we were 14, we lived down the street from each other and used to play “ditch ‘em” with all the neighbor kids. He asked me to “go out” back then, and we have been inseparable ever since! Fairy Tales really do come true!

Tara ::  hometown – Springfield, Illinois  ::  photographer  ::  five words – Gorgeous, Big-Hearted, Amazing Mother, Determined, Hard-Working

John  ::  hometown – Springfield, Illinois  ::  attorney  ::  five words – Music-Lover, Adventurous, Handsome, Ambitious, Incredible Father

Lennon  ::  10.5 years old  ::  born 1.1.05  ::  five words – Bookworm, Soccer Star, Lego Aficionado, Kind Hearted, Jokester

Norah  ::  8.8 years old  ::  born 11.18.06  ::  five words – T-Swift Lover, Sassy, Pack Rat, Motherly, Competitive 

Harrison (Harry)  ::  6.1 years old  ::  born 6.4.09  ::  five words – Dinosaur Aficionado, Mama’s Boy, Artist, Laid Back, Smiley 

Your perfect Saturday  :: We ALL sleep in and then head out on our boat for a day out on the lake with beautiful weather, kids swimming, and we all just get to unplug and be away from it all!

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Look at the expressions that Lennon and John are making at each other… think they’re related? 😉12_bobbimike_IndianapolisPhotographer_lfam15I love my job. 😀

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Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗

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