tammy & ryan
tammy & ryan
tammy & ryan
Millersburg • OH

OHHHH BLOGGGG REEEEEADERS!!!!! BOYYYY DO I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU!!!!!  I’ve photographed a LOT of blue eyes in my life, but never and I mean NEVER have I photographed blue eyes like Tammy’s! Just you wait….. JUSSSST YOU WAAAAAIT!

Below: Tammy putting makeup on her mom while her two sisters watch. 🙂
01_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15BLINNNNNG!02_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15CHUBBY! (the pup)095_TammyRyan_WedRyan, you’re just the best… seriously… THE BEST!03_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15Doesn’t Tammy look like a Disney princess in real life?!
First look. It was perfect.06_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15OHHHH CHUBBY! (the pup, duh)
07_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15Ryan, you nailed that pose! 😉
08_TRW_BobbiSheridan_1509_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15Such a sweet ceremony!
10_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15I went a LIIIIIITTLE overboard with how many portraits I’m posting. But ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I mean… REEEEEALLY?! ARE YOU??!?! 11_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15I love love. It’s why I do this job. That image on the left… that’s comfort, security and love. 12_TRW_BobbiSheridan_1513_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15DID I NOT WARN YOU??!?! THOSE EYES???!!? AHHHH!!!!! My favorites… MY FAVORITESSSS!!!! ❗ And Ryan, you are SOOO James Bond in this image on the right! 14_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15

Reception time. 🙂20_TRW_BobbiSheridan_1521_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15WHAAAAT?! MORE PORTRAITS??!?! I’m out of control!  Side note: Tammy is a photographer herself… so she gave me some more time than average to capture this amazingness, and I’m NOT mad at her about it! 15_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15That car though?! 16_TRW_BobbiSheridan_1517_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15Thank you two for EVERYTHING! 18_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15

Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗

I think it’s officially time for me to get a haircut… I very recently went from a normal girl with long0ish red hair to HOLY HELL SO MUCH RED HAIR! 😉19_TRW_BobbiSheridan_15