I know I know… I promised that regularly scheduled blog posts would resume…. but… I’ve had an overwhelming few weeks. Overwhelming bad and good…

First, I had a family medical emergency. It was pretty serious, and my whole world was put on hold… I will always put my family first, always.

Then, I turned 30… and Mike took me on an unexpected mini vacation to New York City!!!!

THENNNN… he, along with Andrea and Ryan, threw me a surprise party upon our return… with all of my favorite people… all in the same place. I walked into our house then BOOOOM…. SURPRIIIIIISE!

The best part?! Aunt Karen and G-Ma drove in from Kansas City to surprise me, too! They, along with my mom, have been here the past 5 days, and it’s been perfection! It’s been the most amazing weekend I’ve had in years. For serious!

SOOOOO, needless to say, my world had been flipped upside down followed by the best birthday I’ve ever had. 🙂

Here are a few images from the surprise party that Betsy took.

Nothing like some Gail-supplied “Up” themed balloons (my ALL-TIME favorite movie) and perfect bbmk logo-ized sugar cookies made by Ann…

There’s G-Ma and Momba 🙂Lauren made these perfect pots 😀My favorite little girl in the whole wide world…
Ann even made a chocolate chip cookie flavored birthday cake. YUMTOWN, USA!!!!!! Thank you to EVERYONE who made my birthday absolutely perfect in every way.

Much love friends!!!

~bobbi ❗