The makeup artist showing Stephani how to pucker so that she can apply blush. 🙂  It made me giggle.






 This was one Stephani's highlights of the day… she was SOOO excited about her panties with the "veil on the butt!"  Stephani, you're adorable!
















I LOVE YOUR SMILE! Sorry I'm so funny! 😉





















One of my favorite groomsmen shots ever. Mikey's favorite ❓











Stephani had a hard time fitting the ring over Ryan's knuckle 🙂 





 A little Charlie's Angels action 🙂











We found some amazing locations… all within a five minute walk from the reception site.  Gosh.. these two really were up for anything and we LOVE that!






Who's—-Whose?  Hmm? 😀






See, told you they were up for anything!  This was ALLLL Stephani's idea and I got excited! She said, "want me to climb up there?"

My response… "Uhm… only if you want to and you're comfortable with it." 

"Would it make a cool picture?" She said.


I'm guessing they're four feet up off the ground… WOWWWWW!!!!!! 
















My favorite.. I LOOOOVE the colors! ❗






Who needs a bubble machine when you have these guys?!  How CUUUUTE is this???!?!?!!















FORT WAYNE, Ind. Stephani and Ryan really did have SUCH an amazing day full of great friends, lots of laughs, and gorgeous weather!

Stephani is one of the most laid back, up for anything girls I've EVER met!  As we were out shooting bridal portraits and bridesmaids shots she kept saying… "don't worry about the dress… I'm only going to wear it once!"  She genuinely would have done anything as long as it "made for a good picture."  How lucky did we get?!  I mean… even though she said that, we still treated her dress with the same respect we treat all dresses 😀 I would never ask anyone to do something that I wouldn't be willing to do myself in MY wedding dress 🙂

OHHHH MY GOSHHHHH Ryan is SOOOO funny! He makes me lau
gh LAUGH LAUGHHHH!!!!! And when he's with his brother Scott, it's even worse… the two of them together… I can't control myself.  I swear to you my abs hurt the next day from laughing so hard the day before.  Speaking of Scott… this is the third wedding he's been in that we've photographed.  First, he was an usher back in 2006 (there, he was famously named on our blog back then "Usher of the Year") then in 2007 he was promoted to a groomsman now in 2008 he's hit the big time… he was the BEST MAN!  



~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

The slide show is here!  The user name is Stephanie's maiden name, and the password is ryan's last name, in all lower case.

Also, their entire gallery is viewable by clicking here!  The event key is Ryan's last name.  Enjoy!



Mike, hasn't anyone ever taught you to "BRING IT IN TIGHT" ?!






That little red headed blob… that's me 😀  WHAT A HOT BLOB!






 A new favorite Mikey action shot 🙂




❗ + ❓