stephanie & jason
stephanie & jason
stephanie & jason
Indianapolis • IN

HEYYYY LOOOOOOK! One of my favorite couples ever got married! Bobbi SheridanRemember THIS blog entry?! Yeahhhh…. THEMMMM!!!!02_bobbisheridan_sj15Stephanie got Jason a pocket watch as a wedding gift. 🙂 This man loves him a pocket watch!
03_bobbisheridan_sj15OHHHH LAUREL HALLLLL… you never disappoint! 05_bobbisheridan_sj15ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THOSE RED LIPS?!??!?! OHHHH MYYYYYY GOSH!!!!!! 04_bobbisheridan_sj15

07_bobbisheridan_sj15I CANNOT GET OVER THIS BEAUTY! On the right… the bridesmaids… Stephanie’s and Jason’s sisters. 😀 06_bobbisheridan_sj15Waiting to be escorted down the aisle.
08_bobbisheridan_sj1509_bobbisheridan_sj15So much love. They couldn’t quit staring at each other the entire ceremony. I always have the very best view of a wedding ceremony. I sure am a lucky girl! 10_bobbisheridan_sj15The wedding party. 11_bobbisheridan_sj15Her tea length wedding dress?! I WAS OBSESSSSED!12_bobbisheridan_sj1513_bobbisheridan_sj15I loved every thing about this wedding!
14_bobbisheridan_sj15Want to know where Jason got all of his swagger? Meet his dad. 🙂15_bobbisheridan_sj15First Impression Band!16_bobbisheridan_sj1517_bobbisheridan_sj15It truly was the perfect day! 18_bobbisheridan_sj15

Oh you know…. standard…

Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗