Many of you already know these two… 🙂 If you don’t, you should! Stefanie and Brock are a husband and wife photography team who live about 15 minutes from us. Needless to say, they’re two of our dearest friends. They made a baby… His name is Rhett. He’s guaranteed to be awesome. …And ridiculously good looking!Their one request for their maternity session: images of them snuggling. CHECK AND MARK! First of three favorites… ❗If Mike and I ever make a baby, I can only hope that I’m half as beautiful as Stefanie while pregnant.
Brock, you know I adore you when I willingly re-touch your feet! 😉 Yeah, you’re welcome… 😀Badaboom badabing… gorgeous!Meet Bo and Daisy. 🙂 I’m not much of a dog person (When I was a kid, I was bitten… but I’m getting MUCHO better), but these dogs were kind of rock stars…
Just one from their nursery. 🙂 I teased this image on our Facebook page and people were going nutzo for this nursery (rightly so) and dying to see more images of it. Stefanie said she’ll be blogging all about the nursery soon… so be on the lookout for that! Second Favorite! ❗ Mike’s fave, too… ❓

Then we stepped outside for the last 15 minutes of sunlight… Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Whoa, where did that come from!? Who am I?! Sheesh. Anyway…Uhm… WOWZERS! Hold on a second while I pick my jaw up off of the ground… uhm… are you kidding me?! And yep, you guessed it… favorite! ❗OHHHH how I adore you two three! Brock, how much you love your wife is an awesome awesome thing…

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Indianapolis, Ind.

stefanie+brock  ::  Married 5.21.05.  Dating since 8.31.02.  Photographers.

Rhett  :: Due  May 29th, 2012

Their song  ::  “Then” –Brad Paisley

Five words to describe Stefanie, according to Brock  ::  Driven, Beautiful, Caring, Sweet, Kind-Hearted

Five words to describe Brock, according to Stefanie  ::  Adorable, Compassionate, Trustworthy, Hilarious, Generous

How they met, as told by Stefanie  ::  We met through mutual friends the summer between our junior/senior year of high school.  A group of our mutual friends all went to the Sky Concert (Firework show) downtown Indy and it was love at first sight when we met!  We have been together almost every day since that night (9.5 years) and life together has been an amazing!

Is Rhett named after anyone?  Nope!  We have heard the name a few times and just fell in love with it!

Stefanie’s pregnancy cravings  ::  watermelon and blueberries!

Brock, how hot is Stefanie pregnant?!  ::  You don’t even know!  I have waited for this baby bump the entire time we have been together!  So Sexy!

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The image on the right… right after I snapped it I looked at it and said, “Oh, there I am… just a fly on the wall, kneeling beside you creeper style,  while you snuggle!” I have a weird job, you know that?! 😉
😀 Cha cha cha!

We couldn’t be more excited for you two! Stefanie and Brock, you two are going to make incredible parents. I can’t wait meet him!

From the bottom of my heart, shooting these images for you guys was an honor… knowing what this time in your lives means to you now, and what it will mean to Rhett someday… !!!!!

Seeing you two downright giddy with excitement for having this baby makes the images that much more special.

I love you two. Thanks for being perfectly you. 🙂

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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