When Stacy emailed and said she wanted to do a session that was personal to them as a family and then suggested going out on a boat, we were SOLLLLD!

….but before we got in the boat, we started things off with some more traditional bbmk photos. 🙂 Here’s one of my favorites. ❗
Well hello there young Drew Barrymore. 🙂
Evan is in the independent, don’t touch me, don’t help me, don’t hold me, exploring stage of his 15 month old life. AKA, he wanted nothing to do with being in photos. I mean, who does?! Am I right Evan??!! 😉 Finding things to do that would keep him interested and wanting to hang out with us was a bit of a challenge… but when he was in it, he was PERFECTION!
…seeee…. notice who’s too indpenedent to hold daddy’s hand? 😉
Loved this field… and I adore Hailey and Evan’s sweet faces in this one! Then it was boat time! My other favorite ❗ See the diva in the back with her hair blowing in the wind? 😉 Notice that rope on the right side of the image? Mike was in a huuuge tubey thing that Justin brought along. It was very cool. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m ducked down somewhere in that boat.I love images like this. It’s a rare capture. No matter how old or independent we get, there are these little glimpses of vulnerability and how much we love / need our parents. These moments (past the age of 4) seem to last no longer than 10 seconds. It’s as though after ten seconds we realize that we’re not babies anymore. Does any of this make sense? I’m having a hard time explaining. Luckily I’m a pretty good photographer and this picture is worth a thousand words! 😉 That look on Evan’s face is SOOOO classic Evan! “What?! I’m busy here!” Oh Evan, we just love you… 😀…after the sun had set Hailey and her dad jumped in the lake. 🙂
Mike’s favorite ❓

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Rockville, Ind.

stacy+justin  ::  married 8 years • 5.29.05  ::  currently living in Taylorville, Ill.

How they met, as told by Stacy  ::  We have a pretty simple ‘how we met’ story. The summer after our freshman year of college I was back home in Chicago and Justin was up there going to school. I was friends with one of his roommates and we met while hanging out one night! It was fate 😉

Stacy ::  hometown – Elgin, Ill.  ::  Photographer  ::  five words – beautiful, caring, creative, flare (as in sun flare 🙂 ), stubborn

Justin  ::  hometown – Harvel, Ill.  ::   Senior Design Engineer  ::  five words – dedicated, countryboy, strong, easy-going, smart

Hailey  ::  5 years old  ::  born 6.9.08 ::  five words – adorable, creative, hilarious, attitude (good AND bad), unique

Evan  ::  15 months  ::  born 5.8.12  ::  five words –  ornery, hilarious, daredevil, happy, amazeballs

Your perfect Saturday  ::  We kind of had our perfect Saturday when we met up with you guys! In the summer at least. We’d grab some friends, head out to the lake and eat, play, swim and take tons of pictures!!

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…wasn’t the huge tubey thing cool?! …you blog readers had to have known this was coming! 🙂 Mike can’t resist the water! 😉

Thanks friends for making the trek to our neck of the woods… it was so much fun photographing / getting to know you guys. FO’ REAL! 🙂

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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