You guys are going fall in love with Mr. Giovanni… I guarantee it! I mean, after all, he’s one of the cutest little men I’ve ever met!Sheri has been reading our blog for five or six years… when they were planning their wedding for 10.10.9, she emailed and asked if we were available. I distinctly remember that email. Know why? Because we never work on our anniversary. 10.10. 😀

When it was time for a family session, Michael started making things happen with team bbmk. 😉 There was one hangup though… they live in Detroit (about a five hour drive away). We tried coordinating our schedules with an already planned trip to Michigan but it never worked out. So to Indianapolis they drove!
As I was processing this image, it looked so familiar to me… 😉
PLAAAAAANNNNNKS ON A FIIIIIRETRUCKKKKKK!!!!! Well hello there little man! I had a cool idea for a photo. Or so I thought. Giovanni was clearly not impressed. Psh. Moving on… How can you not adore his little smile?! Giovanni, you’re my homie for life. My favorite ❗Sheri, you’re such a beautiful momma. HA! You two are fun 🙂At first glance you think that Giovanni looks like his dad. However, after processing these images while staring at their pretty faces for a few hours… It’s an illusion. This baby is a momma-lookin’ baby! 😀#onbrand. 😉 Thanks you guys for making the trip. We love you guys! Mike’s favorite ❓

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Indianapolis, Ind.

sheri+michael  ::  married 4 years • 10.10.09  ::  lives in Detroit, Mich.

How they met, as told by Sheri  :: We met at work! It was an instant connection that turned into a great friendship. That friendship continued, and led us to where we are today.  

Sheri ::  hometown – Berkley, Mich.  ::  Store Manager  ::  five words – Loving, Forgiving, Energetic, Silly, Beautiful

Michael  ::  hometown – Macomb, Mich.  ::  Management  ::  five words – Intelligent, thoughtful, handsome, passionate, awesome dad

Giovanni  :: 11 months old  ::  born 11.11.12  ::  five words – Inquisitive, Happy, affectionate, silly, Perfect!

Your perfect Saturday  ::  Our ideal Saturday would include no plans or work! We would find ourselves doing something outdoors like going to the park, the cider mill, or for a walk with our golden retriever Rocco!

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He thought I was funny.  Here’s proof.  😉BTW, did anyone happen to notice that they were married on 10.10 and had a son a few years later on 11.11!?  

BOOM! Told you that Giovanni looked familiar to me! On the left, Giovanni… on the right… it’s Mikey! 😀  SAME  //  SAME!  🙂 Karen, crazy right?! 

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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