Celebrated Ben’s birthday  ::  Had a few Bobbi and Mike game nights  ::  Traveled to South Dakota  ::  Photographed Laura and Lance’s wedding  ::  Visited Mount Rushmore  ::  Experienced Custer State Park  ::  Drove to Clarksville, Mo.  ::  stayed in a cabin where Mike ran into a deer hanging on the wall (HA!)  ::   Photographed Angie and Tyler’s wedding  ::   Photographed Jordan and TJ’s wedding at the Mavris  ::  Went camping in Waveland, Ind. with our favorite framily   [br] [br]

[br] [br] Here’s what October has in store  ::  Shooting three weddings  ::   Celebrating nine years of marriage  ::  *maybe* witnessing a birth!  ::  Visiting Ohio  ::  Lots of family sessions  ::  WORKSHOPS!

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