Remember Sarah and Sam? Of COURSE you do… for the very small minority of people who may not, here’s a quick refresher…

engagement :: wedding :: family

Now that you’re in the loop… I could NOT be more excited to share this session with you. Sarah and Sam hold such a special place in my heart… I’ll never forget shooting their engagement session, it’s been nearly 6 years ago and it’s still a favorite. And let’s not even talk about their wedding… I remember every single thing about that day!

Both times I’ve photographed this family, we did it in their home. The first time they were living in their first home near Broad Ripple. They’ve since bought the house that Sarah grew up in in Carmel. 🙂

Starting things off with my favorite… ❗01_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15Meet sweet Florence… I think she looks exactly like Sarah and Sarah’s Dad. 😀 Oh, and she happens to be perfect. That image on the right, AAAARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 02_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15But the real camera hog? THISSSSS little one! 03_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15Every photo in this blog entry (except the very last one) were all taken in the same room. You know what I’d like to specialize in? THIS KIND! Lifestyle sessions at home… where you’re most comfortable… where you can look back and remember where you lived, how your home was decorated, and well… what your “every day” looked like. These kinds of sessions fill my photography love tank up. 🙂 Who else in Indianapolis wants one? I’m in! 😀04_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15I’m sorry that my camera can’t resist her… but COME ON… how can so much personality fit into one very tiny human?!
10_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15FLORENNNNCE!!!! HIIII!!!!05_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15Sarah, I’ve photographed you four times now…some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever taken of anyone are of you… but you… as a mom… well, there’s nothing more gorgeous. 🙂06_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15See that floor? Sam did that. Are you as blown away by this feat as I was?! 07_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15“Whatchyoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?!”08_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf1509_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15I love that sweet baby… 11_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15This image of Sam? Well… this is everything! These are the kinds of images that only happen at home… comfort like that just can’t be replicated in a field or in front of a cool door. Sam, seeing you as a dad makes my heart sing… I couldn’t love this image more. Man oh man… now I’m getting all emotional… another favorite ❗13_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15Momma with her babies…12_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf1517_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15I think Florence doesn’t quiiiiite know what to think of big sister Jettie yet… 14_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15Loved their blue walls.
15_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15Oh holy hell…. and then my heart melted into one zillllllion pieces…16_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15…and looooook who made an appearance… Jettie calls them “Nina” and “Great Nina” 🙂 According to Sarah it was a failed attempt at “Nana” 😀18_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15

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Indianapolis, Ind.

sarah+sam  ::  married 5 years  •  4.10.10

How they met, as told by Sarah  :: Two of our best friends used to date in high school.  They tried to set us up (it didn’t quite work out). After they’d broken up, we ran into one another at a party and started dating. And here we are :).

Sarah ::  hometown – Carmel, Ind.  ::  attorney  ::  five words – thoughtful, artistic, independent, beautiful, loving (stubborn and analytical)

Sam  ::  hometown – Indianapolis, Ind.  ::  construction manager  ::  five words – Driven, caring, humble, genuine, loyal

Jettie  ::  3 years  :: five words – joyful, thoughtful, musical, independent, vivacious

Florence  ::  4 weeks  ::  five words – happy, sweet, lovable, feisty, cheeks

Your perfect Saturday  ::  A lazy morning with bacon and “eggies” for breakfast. Playing outside and going for a walk around a lake near our house. Sewing (for me) and working outside (for Sam) during naptime. Then dinner, a movie with Jettie, and a nightcap by the fireplace on our back patio after story time.

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Jettie loved Mike. She requested this pose. I aim to please! 19_indianapolislifestylephotogrpher_ssjf15

 [br]  [br] [br] [br] Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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