Is it unprofessional to have favorites? Probably. Oh well… 🙂 Sarah and Sam hold a special place in my little heart. 😀 Their wedding was a day I’ll never forget. They’re ridiculously in love and incredibly genuine… two of my favorite attributes. 🙂 When Sarah told me they were expecting a daughter… I knew, just knew that parenting was going to come naturally to them. After spending the morning with them, it was clear… I was right. 😉

Her name is Jettie, and she looks so much like her daddy. 🙂If this doesn’t make you melt, I don’t know what will?!
Four weeks old…
Earth Momma. By the way, that image on the left… that’s my favorite. ❗Sarah made these three quilts while waiting for Miss Jettie to be born. I titled this one, “The Jettie and the Pea” 😉 And to Nana Lay, I Jettie is without her “booties” because I asked Sarah to take them off. I hope you’re not mad at me… 🙁Sarah, you impress me. That quilt is gorgeous!Here are four generations of ladies. Nana Lay flew in from Boston, Massachusetts to meet Jettie. After all, it is her first great grandchild. On the right, that’s Sarah’s mom. 🙂 I love this. Another favorite. ❗
I can hear our mothers with their heavy sighs right now… Maybe someday Moms! That baby is destined for greatness. Guaranteed.

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Indianapolis, Ind.

sarah+sam :: married ~2 years • 4.10.10

Sarah :: Law Student & Earth Momma

Sam :: Construction Manager

Jettie :: 4 weeks • 2.16.12

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[br] [br] [br] [br] Thanks for asking us to capture this time in your lives. Meant the world. 🙂

Much love friends…


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