sarah & rehan | day 2
sarah & rehan | day 2
sarah & rehan
Day 2 | Chicago • IL

HEEEEEERE IT IS! DAYYYY TWOOOO!01_SRW2_BobbiSheridan02_SRW2_BobbiSheridanLoved all of their outfits so very much! 03_SRW2_BobbiSheridanFirst look… minus a wet willy. 😉
04_SRW2_BobbiSheridanLoved these dresses! 05_SRW2_BobbiSheridanSARAH!!!!! YOU ARE BEAUUUUUTIFULLLLL!06_SRW2_BobbiSheridanNotice that they’re perfectly coordinated? Love. Love. LOVE!08_SRW2_BobbiSheridanEverything on Day 2 took place in Downtown Chicago at the Field Museum. 07_SRW2_BobbiSheridanRehan with his parents right before their ceremony. 09_SRW2_BobbiSheridanKevin was helping the kids walk down the aisle when this little one just plopped down and decided that she needed help with her shoe… Kevin left his daughter (see her in the background) and scurried back to help…. I’m doing this story no justice… I assure you it was hilarious! Notice Sarah and her parents reactions on the right? Yeah… THAT’S what they were laughing about! 10_SRW2_BobbiSheridanAdam and Sonya walking down the aisle. 11_SRW2_BobbiSheridanSHOW STEALER!
12_SRW2_BobbiSheridanThey had some of the best written vows I’ve ever heard in my entire life… there weren’t many dry eyes in the house… to include my own! 13_SRW2_BobbiSheridan14_SRW2_BobbiSheridan15_SRW2_BobbiSheridanOHHHH How I adore this team!16_SRW2_BobbiSheridan17_SRW2_BobbiSheridan18_SRW2_BobbiSheridanSuch an incredible ceremony! 19_SRW2_BobbiSheridanMARRIED!20_SRW2_BobbiSheridanThe Field Museum as a reception was beyond impressive!21_SRW2_BobbiSheridanNeha sang their first dance song… and it was beautiful… 22_SRW2_BobbiSheridanLet’s take just a minute to talk about Rehan’s double breasted white tux.23_SRW2_BobbiSheridan24_SRW2_BobbiSheridanAAAAARE YOUUUUU KIIIIIIDDINNNNNNG MEEEEE??!??!25_SRW2_BobbiSheridan26_SRW2_BobbiSheridan29_SRW2_BobbiSheridanSuch a fun party! 28_SRW2_BobbiSheridan27_SRW2_BobbiSheridan

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Chicago, Ill.

coordinator  •  Drish Couture Events
•  Carla (Gia Propati)
makeup  •  Jennifer Brown
decor  •  Rishi Patel, HMR Designs
videographer  •  Colorblind Productions
venue  •  The Field Museum
dj  •   DJ Suhel Jagtiani
cake  •  Sweet Mandy B’s
catering  •  Food For Thought
clothing designer  •   Ali Xeeshan


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their songs

processional & recessional  •  Classical Pakistani Music played live by Roger Lipson
wedding party introductions
 •  Sooraj Dooba Hain – Arijit Singh
first dance  • XO – Beyonce, played live by my bridesmaid, Neha
father/daughter & mother/son   Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
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 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Sarah:  My first dance with Rehan, of course! The dance was sung by my close college friend and bridesmaid, Neha. She sounded so beautiful and did such an amazing variation on the song – it was better than Beyonce.

Rehan: Our first dance as husband and wife.

[br] Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Sarah:  The marathon is almost over, take some time to breathe and take it all in!

Rehan: Remember that the only thing that matters today are the promises you’ll make to her. And the ones she makes to you.

 [br]Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Sarah:  During the ceremony, all the flowing white roses kept hitting us and our officiant, Nicole, in the face. We couldn’t help but laugh during our entire ceremony, even during the serious parts.

Rehan: Sarah’s wedding dress ripping and having to sneak her away to do an outfit change.

 [br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Sarah & Rehan:  We both are dancing maniacs, so it would have been great to start the dancing earlier so we could get more time to hang out and let loose with our friends and family . . . although the wedding did go until 2am, so maybe we had enough 🙂

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?

All over Turkey

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Another big ol’ thanks to Caroline for assisting me! PS. Please don’t judge my shoes…. they’re VERY comfortable! 0231_AnsariHaque_Day2COUNT ‘EM! FIVE BOBBI BRIDES IN ONE PHOTO!   Nicole  •  Sarah  •  Julia  •  Alicja  •  Katie     My love tank was overflowing! 31_SRW2_BobbiSheridan

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Much love friends,

~Bobbi ❗

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