sarah & rehan  |  day 1
sarah & rehan  |  day 1
sarah & rehan
Chicago, Ill.

I’ve been SOOO EXCIIIIITED to show you this wedding! Processing these images took a little longer than anticipated… after all, over the course of the three day event we shot approximately one milllllion images! 0011_AnsariHaque_Day1Sarah, you are such a beautiful woman. 01_AHW1_15_bobbiAHHHHH!!!! GIVE ME MORE SOUTH ASIAN BRIDES! Are you KIDDING me?!02_AHW1_15_bobbi03_AHW1_15_bobbiFirst look… OOONLY Sarah would take this opportunity to give her groom a wet willy! 😀04_AHW1_15_bobbi06_AHW1_15_bobbiYou two are ridiculously good looking. 07_AHW1_15_bobbiRehan’s brother and sisters. To the two of you who are not yet married, LEMME IN COACH! 😉05_AHW1_15_bobbi08_AHW1_15_bobbiIt was a REEEEEALLY warm weekend, and her dress was REEEEEEEALLY heavy…. so we didn’t take too many portraits either day… but what we did shoot, we nailed it. 😉09_AHW1_15_bobbiHMR Designs outdid themselves with the decor!10_AHW1_15_bobbiGroom’s Entrance. 12_AHW1_15_bobbiMeanwhile, the bride prepares for her entrance…11_AHW1_15_bobbiSONYA!13_AHW1_15_bobbiZoreen, you are a stunning woman. When I snapped this pic I looked over at one of the Bride’s entourage, showed him the image on the back of my camera and said, “I just dropped the mic!”
15_AHW1_15_bobbiRemember Alicja? OF COURSE YOU DO!
14_AHW1_15_bobbiI loved the orchids in Sarah’s hair! 18_AHW1_15_bobbiRemember Nicole? OF COURSE YOU DO!19_AHW1_15_bobbi20_AHW1_15_bobbiLet the choreographed dances begin! 22_AHW1_15_bobbiNotice the skyline?! Well done with this image Mike. 🙂
21_AHW1_15_bobbiDrish (the wedding planner) even got in on the dancing. (the guy who was supposed to do this dance was MIA so Drish saved the day)
24_AHW1_15_bobbi0969_AnsariHaque_Day1Sabeen’s dance was outta-this-world incredible 25_AHW1_15_bobbiRemember Julia?! OF COURSE YOU DO! 26_AHW1_15_bobbiIn nearly 10 years of shooting weddings and blogging them, this is the first time I didn’t post even one black and white image… 🙂 The event was FAR too colorful for that! 😀
27_AHW1_15_bobbiA perfect end to the perfect day. 🙂28_AHW1_15_bobbi

More coming soon!

~bobbi ❗

PS. Special thanks to Stacy Able and Caroline Rogers for their help that day! 🙂