The BLING! 






Their first site 🙂 But why isn't she ready? I'll explain later…  Oh and Mikey's favorite ❓



It had something to do with this…. the implosion of the old Colt's stadium 🙂

 The aftermath of that implosion… Out with the old, in with the new! 😀 I love this photo.



This makes me giggle 🙂


 Sarah's brother was feeling SO James Bond in the bow tie 🙂



 The AMAAAAAAAAZING Kiralee did the makeup 🙂 Can I just take this opportunity to say that I think that EVERY bride should get their makeup done on their wedding day… 🙂 














 They couldn't keep their eyes off of each other allllll dayyyyy lonnnnnnng 🙂






How flipping CUUUUUTE are these two?!



 Matt likes the photos that are from a low angle… my suggestion Matt? YOU NEED A CANVAS OF THIS! It's my absolute favorite! ❗


 BRING IT IN TIIIIIIGHT!  I love the sweetness of it.  I showed it to Sarah on the back of the camera and she exclaimed, "OH MY GOSH BOBBI I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!"









I love me some first dances 🙂



 Notice Matt and his mom in the left corner? 😉



 Sarah's brother surprised everyone and performed the sweetest song. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, including yours truly… It was my favorite moment of the entire day. 🙂






 Off to Paris!



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Talk about a SWEEEEEEET couple!  Just being around these two, you can't help but smile.  I hope you all felt that by looking at these photos… Even editing them put me in a good mood. 🙂 Every second that they're together… it's a smile-a-thon. 😉

As I already mentioned, Sarah and Matt had decided to see each other before their ceremony. And no…not just for photos. Matt's room had a front row view of the RCA dome's implosion that was happening THAT day (for the non-Indianapolis blog readers, the RCA Dome is the old Colts stadium). Matt said to Sarah, "even if you're not ready, I want to watch it with you!" So, just as planned… Sarah came in a few minutes before the big boom was supposed to happen.  So, they stood by and waited… and waited… and WAITED!  Half an hour later, they were STILLLLL waiting by that window. What was the hold up!? First there was a train… then some dummy in a nearby parking garage THEN who KNOWS what happened.   FINALLY, Sarah said, "you know, as much as I'd like to see it… I REALLY have to get ready for the wedding." Fifteen minutes later… BOOOOOOOM!  We all felt it… it was SO cool.  A bummer that they couldn't watch it together but… still cool that we all felt it 🙂

When's the last time you an remember a wedding reception ending while it was still light out!? The reason for that? Matt LOVED the idea of a couple leaving for their honeymoon directly from their reception.  They both thought it was so romantic… SO, Sarah and Matt headed off to catch that afternoon's flight to Paris! Isn't that AWESOME!? its like from a movie! 

Did I mention the SMILE-A-THON!

Thank you two SO much for well… EVERYTHING!!!!!! You both rock rock rock


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


OK!  It's here at long last!  Click here for Sarah's and Matt's slide show!  The user name is Sarah's maiden name, and the password is Matt's last name, in all lower case.

Also, their full gallery is viewable by clicking here!  The event key is Matt's last name.  Enjoy!


So, as Mike and I were leaving… I FREAKED out, "MIKE! WE FORGOT TO GET A PHOTO WITH THEM!!!!!!!" They were on such a time line to get out for their honeymoon, we just didn't think about it.  Now that may not seem important to most people… but it is HUGELY important to us… WE LOVE our photos with the B&G! 🙁 I was totally bummed (Yes, I'm a TOTAL drama queen, leave me alone!).  I had already started thinking about how I could Photoshop us all in together in one photo. THEN, as I was editing through the full gallery found THIS gem 🙂 I had TOTALLY forgotten about it 😀 Mike was metering for the group shots and AS ALWAYS, I'm the test subject 😀 By some fluke, Sarah and I randomly jumped in the shot together.  That's never happened before 🙂 SOOOOO… HOW COOOOL that we still have a shot together (well, minus the men, but hey… it's better than nothing!)


…compensating for being 5'2 🙂 Hey, it works!



 Other photographers often ask me, "How do you get your brides to sit down in their wedding dress?!" The answer, I simply ask. 🙂 I think our brides trust us… so, that helps 🙂 I've NEVER asked a bride to do something that would hurt the dress…. and I almost always throw down my own blazer for them to sit on 🙂





❗ + ❓