WORKSHOP SESSIONS ARE HITTIN’ THE BLOG AT FULL FORCE! Stay tuned for six of these bad boys showing up in your RSS feeds. 🙂

First up… Sarah and Jamie!

I’m seriously obsessed with their outfits! Mike’s favorite ❓01_bobbimike_sjm14They were so great to photograph. 🙂02_bobbimike_sjm14SARAHHHHH!!!! YOU.ARE.RIDICULOUSLY.CUUUUTE!
03_bobbimike_sjm1404_bobbimike_sjm14Uhm. WHOA! HOT TAMALES!05_bobbimike_sjm14Love your smile Jamie. 🙂06_bobbimike_sjm1407_bobbimike_sjm14The image on the left is one of my favorites ❗08_bobbimike_sjm14Then we saw a vintage furniture store with a display window… uhm… okay… let’s do this! Here’s my angle. 09_bobbimike_sjm14….and heeeeere’s Mike’s 😀
10_bobbimike_sjm1411_bobbimike_sjm14Ohhhhhh how I looooove young looooove!
12_bobbimike_sjm1413_bobbimike_sjm14We headed into a field to finish up the session. Have I mentioned that I loved their outfits?15_bobbimike_sjm14Oh man oh man ohhhh mannnnn the skies were perfectionnnnn that evening! Another favorite ❗16_bobbimike_sjm14

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Anniversary  ::  August 17, 2012   •   Where they live  ::  Grand Rapids, Mich.

Sarah ::  Wedding Photographer  •  Hometown  ::  Traverse City, Mich.  •   five words  ::  Sweet, Selfless, Adventurous, Beautiful, Lovely.

Jamie  ::  High School Science Teacher and Wedding Photographer  •  Hometown  ::  Rockford, Mich.  •   five words  ::   Kind, Handsome, Brilliant, Hilarious, Spontaneous.

How they met, as told by Sarah ::  We met at college when he and 7 other guys he lived with off campus invited my entire dorm section over for breakfast at midnight one night. I did my homework while I was there and don’t really remember him. Wonderfully enough, he remembered me and the chase began. I made him be my friend for probably way too long. We had dated for 2 years when Jamie proposed and we were only engaged for 10 weeks because we just couldn’t wait any longer. Marriage is pretty stinking awesome and we’re so glad he decided to make pancakes that one night.


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I’m always just-a-smiiiiiilin’ behind that lens! bobbi+mikeThat Mike… he’s SOOOO handsome!18_bobbimike_sjm14COME ON NOW…. GIMME A HUGGGG!19_bobbimike_sjm14…..and sometimes my feet get tired so I lay down… 20_bobbimike_sjm14HEEEEEEERE WEEEEEE ARE!!!! The Official Team Portrait of bbmk workshop #15 😀 Such a fun group of people…:D HIGH FIIIIIVES!21_bobbimike_sjm14


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A HUGE thanks to ProDPI, Renaissance Albums, Rewind Documentaries, Second Street Creative, VSCO, LawTog, ProPhoto Blog, BlogStomp, AlbumDraft, annnnnd The Bobbi Shop 😉 for your contributions to our workshop! 😀

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike (and best friend Ben) ❗ + ❓

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