Meet Sarah and Brian… they’ve been married for eight years, have four sons… and have never had photos taken alone. 🙂On the surface, photographing engaged couples and married couples seems to be the same thing, though it’s actually not the same at all. There’s a completely different kind of love between two people who’ve been married for a long time/have raised children, verses those who’ve been dating for a couple of years. There’s a different kind of comfort, passion, security, love, confidence that they’ve developed. These two were the epitome of all of those things.  They love the shiz out of each other. 🙂See what I mean? My favorite ❗ This is one of my favorite images of a couple that I’ve ever taken. Ever. Right after I took this, I turned around and said… “I just took a photo of marriage.”Let’s take  a second to talk about Sarah’s dimples. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THOSE THINGS?! Oh, I should mention that it was absolutely freezing this afternoon! You sure can’t tell by looking at these… 🙂
You two are ridiculously cute!To all of you out there who are married and have never had photos taken alone… you owe it to your future generations to make it happen. Look at this image through their sons’ eyes in 40 years. Yep, told you it was important.

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Indianapolis, Ind.

sarah+brian  ::  Married   ::  11.08.03

Sarah  ::  Mom  |  Hometown  ::  Centerville, Ind.

Sarah, in five words (according to Brian)  ::  loving  •  confident  •  ambitious  •  friendly  •  loyal

Brian  ::  Commercial Insurance   |   Hometown  ::  Pendleton, Ind.

Brian, in five words (according to Sarah)  ::  thoughtful • cute • motherly • fun • detailed

Their FOUR children  ::  Jace, 8  •  Nolan, 6  •  Bradac, 4  •  Judd, 1.5

How they met, as told by Sarah ::  “It was the first day of our senior year at Ball State. I told one of my friends to hook me up with the guy sitting next to him… then immediately said ‘just kidding’ because I was super shy! He bought me a drink, we exchanged phone numbers, and had our first date walking to the bookstore. We spent everyday together after that.”

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Oh, did I mention that all of those oh so sweet images above were taken in front of 12 extra people watching? 😉The workshopees were laughing about where Mike was shooting from. I had no idea so I aimed my camera below, without looking through the viewfinder… and laughed when I saw the resulting image!bobbi+mike workshop, round 6 🙂

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