What  you’ve alllll  Sarah’s 😉 been waiting for… The second workshop session of 2013!

I’m starting things off with my favorite ❗ Aren’t they ridiculously cuuuuute?! Sarah, you have the most perfect cheekbones 😀It was another really cold day… We asked them dress warm; they wore the perfect coats!These two were such a joy to photograph! Their wedding photographer has it maaade in the shaaaade… they’re quite photogenic! 😀The workshop attendees challenged me to use this thing and I accepted! 😀 Oh hey there cuties popping through a yellow steel thing 😉Nothing like having a sweet intimate moment in front of twelve people (14 counting us) watching. 😉…a location and outfit change 🙂 Ben, you are HOT TAMALES!Here’s another favorite ❗ Ohhhhh how I adooooore young love!My view.Mike’s 😀 Help me out here friends… What famous person does Sarah look like? I cannn’t quite place it…Sarah and Ben, on behalf of the workshop attendees, thank you so much for coming down from Chicago to help us out… You couldn’t have been a more perfect duo! And as for your wedding day, it’s guaranteed to be full of sweetness… Please be sure to share some images with us!

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Wedding  ::  May 4, 2013  •  City :: Winnetka, Ill.

Together  ::  December 14, 2011  •  Engaged  ::  December 1, 2012

Sarah ::  Young Life  ::  Hometown  •  Xenia, Ohio  ::   five words  •  the-most-thoughtful-person-I-know, fun, wise, capable & beautiful!

Ben  ::  Young Life  •  Hometown  •  Glenview, Ill.  ::   five words  • a leader, smart, hard-working, loving and looks-at-the-bright-side-of-everything

How they met  ::  After graduating from Butler, Sarah moved to the North Shore of Chicago to work full time for Young Life, a Christian non-for-profit that works with high school & junior high kids. Ben was finishing school at Northwestern, and was on part-time staff with Young Life. Sarah moved into the office, & soon the rest was history!

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Now there’s some fierce hair! 😉He’s like a lion stalking his prey…Me showing Ben how it’s done. 😉Badaboom badabing, workshop #12! 😉 Aren’t we ridiculously good looking?! 😀

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To all who made it out, from the bottom of our heart… Thank you for everything. 🙂

Much love friends!


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