sarah & rehan  |  day 3
sarah & rehan  |  day 3
sarah & rehan
Day 3 | Chicago • IL

Heeeeeere it is… the finale of the Sarah and Rehan three-day Pakistani extravaganza!

How the heck Sarah wore shoes like that after being on her feet for three days straight is beyond me! COLOR ME DAMN IMPRESSED!
01_RSW3_BobbiSheridan02_RSW3_BobbiSheridanRehan rocks that double breasted suit like no one I’ve ever seen!
12_RSW3_BobbiSheridanRehan’s family hosted the Walima.  Here’s his dad. 🙂04_RSW3_BobbiSheridanAnd here are his ridiculously beautiful sisters!05_RSW3_BobbiSheridanThis was a very well documented event!
06_RSW3_BobbiSheridanI adored his sweet mom.
07_RSW3_BobbiSheridan08_RSW3_BobbiSheridanSo much pride in momma Zoreen’s eyes. 09_RSW3_BobbiSheridan10_RSW3_BobbiSheridanAfter the toasts their family and friends lined up to get family portraits with Sarah & Rehan. 🙂11_RSW3_BobbiSheridan

Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me over the years. Your support, encouragement and friendship means more than I could ever express.  You and Rehan both have such an incredible gift of making every single person around you feel like the most important person in the world.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Much love friends,

~bobbi ❗