Before… only I had a macro lens.  But right before this wedding, Mike got one for his bag.  And AM I GLAD HE DID!!!!! Because I think this ring shot that he took ROCKS THE HOUSE!!!!!! 






Laughing at Becca and Kellie. 😀










This reminds me of the Simpsons… I know I know… I'm so weird.






 When I can, I like to squeeeeeeze in the limo.  Lucky for me, I'm so skinny. HA!

















Our Lady of Grace in Noblesville 🙂










How HANDSOME are those pink ties?!

















I love the first dance.















Not a dry eye in the house.  Sara dancing with her daddy.  Again, SO thankful for auto focus!  My favorite ❗






I LOOOOOOVE how excited she is!!!!!!











Mikey's favorite ❓






 As if there was any question….










 This photo is SOOOOO them!!!!!!!!




INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  Some people come into your life and you just know they were meant to be there. 🙂

OHHHHHHH Sara… Sara and her bridesmaids… WOWWWWW!!!!! We were all RIDIC!  It was seriously as though I've been with this group of friends for years.  I fit RIGHT in!  They're loud, hilarious, talk with their hands and are VERY animated!  LOVE IT!  Within the first five minutes of walking in we were all BFF's. 🙂

As the guys were getting ready, Ben was telling Mike about the rehearsal dinner…and some the antics involved. A while back after becoming engaged, Ben had asked Marty (Sara's dad, who is a TON of fun) when he was going to receive his dowry for marrying Sara 😀  So…at the rehearsal, a cake shows up… from Marty… in the shape of a cow. "Here's your dowry Ben!" HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

Sara and Ben are such a blast to be around.  They're SO in love… Right after they walked down the aisle (I always follow the couple after their walk down the aisle to capture their FIRST alone moments as husband and wife while Mike captures the rest of the recessional)… they couldn't stop kissing and hugging.  Man oh man, I LOVE… LOVE!!!!!!!

Their party… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!!!??!?!  The dance floor was packed ALLL NIIIIIGHT LONNNNNNG!!!!!!  Sara and her girls were WORKIN it out while Ben and his boys yelled the words to every song! 😀  Ben is such a ham… WE LOVE IT! 😀

Thank you guys so much for including us in your day.  Renewing your vows anytime soon?!  I'M READY TO GO BACK!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Slide show ahoy!  Click here!  the user name is Sara's maiden name, and the password is Ben's last name, in all lower case.  

Also…Sara and Ben's full gallery may be found by clicking here.  The event key is Ben's last name.






 Me, as a bridesmaid… I'm even holding the toss bouquet so that I fit right in 😀 LOVE IT!  Hey Becca, nice necklace 😀











I'm hunting wabbits… hunting wabbbbbits…






Taking a photo of the bling (the rings were in there)



❗ + ❓