The Kim Family
Indianapolis, Ind.

Remember this team? Yep… it’s Robin and Peter! Yes yes yes… the duo who saved their first kiss for the alter. 😀 Here’s a quick refresher: their engagement session, their wedding, their first family session.  Got it now? Yeah… I KNEW you’d remember them!

…now introducing the super cute and squeezable little man Daniel! 🙂 Starting things off with my favorite ❗

We always ask that our couples/families bring a blanket to the session. We do this for a couple of reasons. 1) To keep everyone dry/clean. 2) As a way to incorporate a family heirloom.  3) To add a personal touch. 😀Robin, please explain to me how you are aging backwards. You are more and more beautiful every time we see you! OHHHH YOU TWOOOO!!!! 😀
Daniel’s expressions crack me up! He’s as animated as his daddy is… 😀The session was held on the property of some good friends of theirs… it was breathtakingly beautiful. Oh, and we did this session as the sun was coming up. 🙂How can you not love this family?! If you’ve met them, you know exactly what I mean. 😉YAY! FAMILY!
I love watching you two be parents. You guys make it seem so easy. 🙂Daniel was not on board with the snuggle bomb. 😉 Oh well, it’s cute anyway.

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Indianapolis, Ind.

robin+peter  ::  married ~5 years • 12.28.08

How they met, as told by Robin  ::  We met through friends at church. Peter asked me out for coffee, and I said yes (even though I don’t drink coffee, but hey, Starbucks serves tea and steamers, too! Eight months later he got down on one knee on top of the Empire State Building, and we’re continuing to live the fairy tale out to this day.

Robin ::  hometown – Hillsboro, Ill.  ::  amazing mother to Thomas and Daniel  ::  five words – Giving, Devoted, Gregarious, Resourceful and HAWT!

Peter  ::  hometown – South Point, Ohio  ::  family physician  ::  five words – Wise, Silly, Dependable, Strong and Sentimental

Thomas  ::  ~3 years old  ::  born 12.16.10  ::  five words –  Brilliant, Winsome, Obedient, Joyful and Mama’s Boy

Daniel  ::  11 months  ::  born 10.31.12  ::  five words – Smiley, Carnivore, Social, On-the-Move and Adorable

Your perfect Saturday  ::  8 hours of sleep…pancake breakfast…morning full of little boy giggles in our PJ’s…trampoline fun…taking turns running while the boys nap…train ride at the Castleton mall…family worship time…Menchie’s or TCBY after dinner…and books and songs before rocking the boys to sleep.

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Peter’s face is my favorite. HA! 😉

[br] [br] [br] [br] Love you guys!

~bobbi ❗