The Kim Family
Indianapolis, Ind.

Remember Robin and Peter? (hint: they saved their first kiss for their wedding day) But of course you do! We photographed their wedding nearly three years ago.

Starting things off with my favorite! ❗ This, in my oh so humble opinion, is the perfect family picture. Every one of us deserves this image of ourselves with our beloved parents. …and now they have Thomas… 😀…who is, just like his parents, a smiler! Robin, you look like your sister in this one. Hi Karla! 🙂LOVE! Robin & Peter, you’re such awesome parents… Robin and Peter are two of the most kind-hearted, caring, loving, awesome people on the planet. And for that reason, Thomas is guaranteed to be a walking representation of a rainbow. 🙂😀 HAHA!Have I mentioned that I love the Fall here in the Midwest??? 😀 Robin, your dress was PERFECTO for the season!The sun came out for just a few minutes… we took full advantage!
How can you NOT smile at this?! 


Indianapolis, Ind.

Robin + Peter ::  married (almost) 3 years  ::  12.28.08

Robin ::  hometown • Hillsboro, Ill.  ::  amazing mother to Thomas

Peter ::  hometown • South Point, Ohio  ::  family physician

Where they live now ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

Thomas ::  11 months  ::  12.16.10 (same as Peter’s!)

How they met, as told by Robin ::  “We met through friends at church. Peter asked me out for coffee, and I said yes (even though I don’t drink coffee, but hey, Starbucks serves tea and steamers, too! Eight months later he got down on one knee on top of the Empire State Building, and we’re continuing to live the fairy tale out to this day. 🙂 “


We may look ridiculous, but if you take a closer look at Thomas… our ridiculous was clearly working! 😀

Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗