🙂 (Sometimes I'm such a graphic designer when I shoot!)



The BEAUUUUUUUTIFUL bride!!!!!!! Her sister did her makeup that day, and did an AWESOME job!  I just thought it was SO NEAT that the big sister was doing the little sisters makeup… I'm guessing as kids they did this a MILLLLION times…. Okay, I'm not explaining myself well, but you probably understand what I mean… 🙂




 Meanwhile… back at Peters place… he was reading this beautiful letter from Robin 🙂


 A prayer by the best man before lunch. 




 He looks so proud.  Doesn't he?!


 Robin, of course….. one of the smilingist brides in the history of the world!!!!! 😀 (Tied with Andrea)





🙂 Right before the walk down the aisle.






 I'm SURE that you guys all remember from their engagement session that these two have never kissed… as they were saving it for THAT very moment of "you may kiss the bride." So, as the pastor said those famous words, Peter turned to his best man and got a little refresher spray… the room erupted in laughter…


 Two seconds later…

THE KISSSSSS!!!!!!!!! THE KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite ❗



A private moment before they got into the limo 🙂 Of course… kissing 😀 YEAH YEAH YEAH!


 I love how the light hits her smile.





I turned to Robin and Peter, "do you like horses?" they said, "sure!" I responded, "OH WAIT of COURSE you like horses, you were the queen of the FFA!" So down we went.  As they were standing there, the horse began to eat her flowers…. so, she switched them to her other hand 😉



 Their cake was YUMM-O Mikey's favorite ❓


 Her sisters speech (that's shot through the shoulders of Robin and Peter, just in case you couldn't tell 😉 ) Another little funny moment was when one of the catering staff brought her a glass of champagne… she exclaimed with a smile (as she's clearly quite pregnant), "Thanks, but I don't know what I'm going to do with this!" as she pointed at her belly. 😀 It was cute. And of course, her speech was nothing short of perfect. 😀


 Robin's dad videotaped his speech.  This was the reaction (and that's Robin's sister on the left) 🙂


Their first dance 😀 SALSA!!!!!!






 One of Robin's few requests… a sweet black and white intimate photo of them slow dancing.  CHECK AND MARK!



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Robin and Peter, I'm going to say, before I start writing about your day…. we canNOT thank you enough for including us in such an awesome day.  You're two compassionate, heartfelt and amazing people and just knowing you is such an amazing thing.  It truly was an honor to witness your love.

Their ceremony was incredible.  INCREDIBLE!  It was, in our opinion, the best part of the day.  Robin and Peter were so in to the moment… just the way they looked at each other was so powerful. 

As I mentioned before…Peter and Robin had not kissed until the day of their wedding.  Up until then, they had only imagined what it would be like… 😀  I asked if they had known anyone
else who had waited… Robin told me that a few of their guests had and one of them told her this, "it's great because now every time we kiss, we always think of our wedding day." Isn't that sweet? 🙂 So anyway… I'll go ahead and say it… it was THE BEST first kiss we've ever seen. (you guys know that I don't like making superlative statements like that, but COME ON… their first ever kiss!).  It was sweet, passionate, intensely emotional, full of love, and well… just the best kiss ever. 😀 I'll never ever ever forget that moment… as I know that every person sitting in the church won't either.

Robin grinned from ear to ear just about the whole day. OK…the whole day, except to wipe away an occasional tear.  She wasn't even 1% nervous… just OH SO happy…. happy to begin her life with Peter…. 😀 Peter was JUST as excited, but more in a calm, cool, sublime way.  Just being around Peter makes you feel like everything is perfect in the world 😀  His voice is just so soothing.  His demeanor is just so calming. I could go on and on….  if you know Peter, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  

Robin and Peter how much more AWESOME could you possible be!? Thank you thank you THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

PS. Stay tuned for the slideshow 🙂 Come back and visit this blog entry to find the link and password info 😀

You've stayed tuned! Click here for Robin's and Peter's slide show.  The user name is Robin's maiden name, and the password is Peter's last name, in all lower case.

Also, click here to view their full gallery.  The event key is Peter's last name.



I SO love the Savvy Salon in Broad Ripple 😀 If you're going to go to a salon to get your hair done, this is the place to go 😀 They do some of the most unique updos I've ever seen.  And my favorite thing about that salon? THE LIGHT! 😀 PS. Mikey gets his hair done there.


 He was READY for that kiss!


 AYKM!? ARE YOU KIDDDDDING ME?! They included us in their programs. 😀 Wow to that.




❗ + ❓