Meet Rebecca and Kyle. Though… I get the impression that most people call her Becky. 🙂 (Sidenote… My BFF Corrie and I once read in a really old baby name book that “Bobbi” was a common nickame for “Ruperta.” I often give that as my name when waiting at a restaurant because I think it’s funny. 🙂 Oh, and “Corrie” was listed as “Cornelius” 😀 )HELLOOOOO HOT TAMALES!Jessica Simpson shoes. 🙂The light was MONEY that afternoon!Then an outfit and scenery change… 🙂 Oh, and meet Buster!Such pretty eyes!BADABOOM BADABING! Our favorite! ❗ + ❓Kyle’s dad restores old Indy race cars. How cool is that?! When Becky suggested shooting with one for the engagement session, we were all about it!

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Indianapolis, Ind.

rebecca+kyle   ::   getting married, 8.18.12  ::  West Lafayette, Ind.

Together ::  4.5.09

Engaged ::  7.2.11

Rebecca   ::  accountant / photographer    •    Hometown  ::  DeMotte, Ind.

Rebecca, described in five words (according to Kyle)   ::  creative   •   thoughtful   •   loyal   •   sparkly   •   wow

Kyle   ::   Corporate Governance & Sustainability (sounds way fancy)   •    Hometown   ::   Indianapolis, Ind.

Kyle, described in five words (according to Rebecca)   ::    thoughtful   •   brave   •   silly   •   sauve   •   oh-my-goodness-those-sexy-dimples!

How they met, as told by Rebecca ::  “At the urging of our friends, we both signed up for accounts on  I was only on there about a month until Kyle introduced himself.  A few weeks later, we met up & have been together ever since!”

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In this image, he looks a bit like Sawyer from Lost… 🙂

Much love you two! See you in August…


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