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K. Prepare yourselves to be blown away by this awesome family. No… for real… they’re kiiiind of perfect… 😉 Starting things off with my favorite ❗
001_BobbiMikeHFam14This session took place at Rachel’s family cabin… I don’t remember the full story but I know her parents owned it, maybe her grandparents did?, Rachel and Jared honeymooned there, and now it’s theirs. 🙂 002_BobbiMikeHFam14003_BobbiMikeHFam14The youngest… his name is Huckleberry… and he’s the smilingest baby I’ve ever photographed.
004_BobbiMikeHFam14I couldn’t love this more!005_BobbiMikeHFam14006_BobbiMikeHFam14If you’re a photographer… you’ve probably heard of ProPhoto Blog (my WordPress blog is designed using their template). Welllll…. Jared is the genius behind it!  Rachel suggested I take a headshot for his website… BADABOOM BADABING… nailed it!
007_BobbiMikeHFam14Ohhhh Daaaale…. you melt me!  This one was the entertainer.
008_BobbiMikeHFam14Winfield is such a smart young man. I feel like this photo perfectly captures his confident personality. But wait… let’s talk about that image of Rachel and Jared for a minute…. WHOA! I love those smiles! 😀009_BobbiMikeHFam14Huck doesn’t quite know what to think of that scene… 010_BobbiMikeHFam14Harriet (on the left) was the big big helper of the group… always making sure everyone and everything were taken care of. 011_BobbiMikeHFam14…THOSE SMILES THOUGH?! AHHHH!!!!
012_BobbiMikeHFam14013_BobbiMikeHFam14Rachel recently posted this photo, circa 1999, to Facebook…. I’m pretty sure it’s from their honeymoon. So much, yet so little, has changed. Gosh I’m deep. 😉014_BobbiMikeHFam14I love all of the expressions in this. 015_BobbiMikeHFam14Please hang this one at the lake house. K? K. 016_BobbiMikeHFam14017_BobbiMikeHFam14Oh wait… hang this one too.  You know what… just hang ’em all!  Mike’s favorite ❓

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Silver Lake, Ind.

rache+jared  ::  Holland, Mich. ::  married 15 years • 8.14.99

Rachel ::  hometown – Fort Wayne, Ind.  ::  Mom  ::  five words – awesome, beautiful, loyal, intelligent, kind

Jared  ::  hometown – Detroit, Mich.  ::  web developer  ::  five words – kind, silly, intelligent, loving, generous

Winfield  ::  8 years old   ::  five words – loves babies and cute things, voracious reader, focused, determined, confident

Harriet  ::  6 years old  ::  five words – Constantly thoughtful, kind through her soul, creative, puzzle solver, solution finder

Dale  ::  3 years old  ::  five words –  Imaginative, playful, silly, shy, night-owl

Huckleberry  ::  9 months old  ::  five words – Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

How you met  ::  We met in the fall of our freshman year, 1997, when we were 18.  We spent freshman year as good friends.  Our relationship began just before I left for a semester abroad in Mexico.  We spent 7 months writing letters, with occasional access to email.  No phone.  The day that I came back we talked about getting married.  We asked our parents, they were supportive.  We got engaged in June and married in August.  You gotta snatch up the good ones quick.  We celebrated 15 years last month.  I’m seriously the luckiest girl in the world.  Anybody who knows Jared would agree!

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019_BobbiMikeHFam14Favorite Mike-in-action photo everrrrr! That man is impressive! 020_BobbiMikeHFam14

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Rachel and Jared… with all of the photographers that you know and work with… we could not be more flattered and honored that you asked us to photograph your family… we would LOVE to do it again!

Sending love your way friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


PS. Squeeze sweet Huckleberry for me! 😀

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