our holiday card…
our holiday card…
our holiday card...

As many of you know, every year since Mike and I have been married we’ve designed a Christmas card.  At first, it was a card that just went to friends and family.  Then, we started a photography business and sent it out to all of our clients as well.  It was something that we were sort of known for amongst our peeps.  People would say “what are you guys going to come up with THIS year?!”

Now, I won’t lie… we’ve come up with some clunkers.  Like the year we did a Where’s Waldo and dressed Mikey up as Waldo…. yeah, LAMETOWN!

Needless to say, we started putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to always try and outdo ourselves from the previous year.  Well, this year was CERTAINLY no exception.  Amy from Silverbox Weddings liked our Christmas card ideas so much that she pitched the idea of an article to some of her friends at Rangefinder… they passed.  So, she pitched the same idea to Professional Photographer Magazine… they liked it! 😀

So… without further ado… I present to you our FIRST EVER magazine publishing (is that how you say that?!).  This is from the September, 2008 issue.


 this is from our “stay warm • be cool” holiday card from 2006 🙂

Also in that holiday article were: David Higginbotham, Lori Hedrick and Garrett and Joy Nudd

A HUGE thanks to Amy from SilverBox and to Ronnie Garrett for writing the article 😀


Okay, anyway… back on topic…

Mike and I brainstorm ideas literally allllll year long… usually on long trips when we have nothing else to talk about 😉 .

When we thought of the Christmas Story as the inspiration for our card… next came the task of finding a pink bunny costume that looked JUST like Ralphie’s.  I looked EVERYWHERE online… NADA!  Then I remembered my friends Kate and Andrea took me to Costumes by Margie in Broad Ripple back in August just for the fun of it 🙂 I called the costume shop thinking there’s NO WAY they’ll have anything like that.  I was right.  However, Cheryl (who I think was the store owner) said “we can rip up an old bunny costume and make a new one.” WHAT?! WE’RE SOLD!!!!!!!!!! A week later Mikey went and picked it up.  He called me right as he got in the car and said, “Bobbi, I just walked 4 blocks through [a not so good part of town] carrying a damn pink bunny costume… I’m lucky I didn’t get shot!” HAHAHAHA…. the mental picture of that is HILARIOUS to me… anyway…

So, here’s a few photos of me WORKIN’ IT OUT in a pink bunny costume and Mikey looking HOT with his hair greased back and in flannel… how can ANY woman resist THAT?!

The front… (PS. it was FAREEEEEZING OUT THERE!)


 The inside 🙂

It reads:

“don’t shoot your eye out…

Happy Holidays!

ps. be sure to drink your Ovaltine”

 And the back… Yes yes yes, we know… I look like a Playboy bunny… whatever, it’s still funny to us 😀

We took it with a camera on a timer placed on a tripod…. we really should get one of those remote shutter releases… it would make our self portaits SO much easier!

My favorite part about the Christmas card? THE PACKAGING!!!!!! That’s probably the graphic designer in me 😉 Of COURSE I took a few photos of it 😉 We tried to make it look like the box that held the famous leg lamp.

 and no… we didn’t send a card to ourselves, but I didn’t want to publish someone elses address here 😉

FRA-GEE-LAY! Must be French! 😉

 …and the actual card 😀

This is probably our favorite holiday card to date 🙂 Here’s hoping we come up with something good for next year… AHHHHH!!!!!

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS holiday!!!!!!


~bobbi ❗