I’m in Kansas City visiting my friend Heather Cole for the opening of her studio… By the way… this place is freaking amazing.

Heather had to go run and errand while her GAGAGAGAGAGAGORRRRRRGEOUS daughter Olivia and I hung out at the studio. I’ve now been an Heather Cole employee for about 20 minutes. I even answered the phone once, “Heather Cole Photography, this is Bobbi.” I think I freaked out her mom. 😀 Yeah… I’m kind of a big deal. Heather should be back soon and my position will probably be terminated… Sheesh… there’s no job security anymore.

ANYWAY… while it was just Olivia and I, I decided to snap a quickie photo…




here’s 75 things that Olivia has to say about herself.

  1. i’m nice
  2. i love my momma
  3. sometimes, my class plays with me
  4. i love my daddy so so much
  5. i miss my fishy memo and he’s in heaven
  6. he’s really nice
  7. i love my momma so so much
  8. our friend seth, he had surgery
  9. i love when i eat mcdonalds
  10. and i love when people get me it
  11. and sometimes they’re nice
  12. i love when people give me toys from old mcdonalds
  13. and, and… i like old mcdonalds
  14. i like to play with princesses
  15. i like to play in the house center
  16. and i love my teacher
  17. and i love story time
  18. and i like kindergarten
  19. i love my friend lauren
  20. uh uhm… i got another fishy and his name is memo and dory
  21. i be nice to my friends and share with them my toys
  22. i’m five
  23. i love myself
  24. i love when i go to kindergarten every time
  25. i like to play with my momma
  26. she’s so pretty
  27. and i love my mom very very very very much
  28. and well, i love my grandpa who is in heaven
  29. he is always in heaven
  30. uh… i miss him
  31. i like to go to florida every time for the ocean
  32. and i like to pick seashells
  33. i like to swim with the fishies
  34. our friend baby cole, he’s a baby and he’s in florida and he’s a long way
  35. i miss him
  36. and i hold him every time
  37. his mom is jera and she had him in her belly
  38. and he’s so cute
  39. i like to dress up
  40. i love every time i go to school
  41. uh i, i love my friend lauren and i play with her a lot
  42. and sometimes i have a playroom and she plays with me in my playroom
  43. i love my grandmas
  44. i really really really really really love ’em
  45. uhm… i love bobbi
  46. my favorite is ice cream
  47. my favorite color is pink and purple and green
  48. i’m going to go to kindergarten and i love kindergarten
  49. and i love my friend bobbi
  50. i like it when she comes to my house
  51. and i love when i eat her ice cream
  52. i love when baby owen comes to my house
  53. and he’s 2
  54. i like spongebob
  55. uh, i have the hannah montana CD and i love it
  56. i like how she sings
  57. when i grow up, i want to take pictures like momma
  58. i have blond hair
  59. and i have cheeky smiles and i love them
  60. and i love spaghettios
  61. i love mac and cheese
  62. i love my friend bobbi
  63. my dad is really nice and he’s a great dad
  64. and my mom’s a great mom
  65. i love my class
  66. and i’m not sad about kindergarten anymore
  67. i love when my mom plays with me at the studio
  68. i work a lot with her
  69. uh… i love my moms pictures
  70. and i love it when she shoots
  71. i like her
  72. bobbi is my best friend
  73. i like to play on the computer
  74. i love my games
  75. and that’s it

HOW STINKIN’ CUTE IS SHE?! Clearly, she’s a lover 🙂 AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!!!!

Alright.. more later 🙂

~ ❗ +