Uhm, not gonna lie… INCREDIBLY proud of these photos 🙂


Mike's favorite. ❓






This photo reminds me of a Michaelangelo painting… I'm sorry that I'm SO smart!!!!! 😉




 AND THIS one reminds me of an M.C. Escher drawing 🙂 Gosh, I'm on FIRE today!


 Look familiar? Before their session we went scouting for some fun locations and found this… but I first had to test the light on my very handsome husband 🙂 This is my favorite from the day ❗




So relaxing!












INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Noe and Alison are two very cool cats!  They're both into theatre 🙂 He works as a director and she works behind the scenes and together… they're the perfecto match!  Oh, and that's how they met 🙂

Noe and Alison wanted their session to be against an urban background… so we made that happen 🙂  They didn't have any specific requests… just told us to "do our thing"  So… that's exactly what we did… 😀 You know, I think it's SO neat that we can take our clients to an old/ugly parking garage… and they never even once look at us like we're crazy!  I think they turned out neeeeeeat-o! Man oh man,  love my job!!!!!

 Their wedding is coming up in June… so you'll be seeing more of these two before you know it!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓



 Mike was showing Noe what he had in mind for a pose… and I couldn't resist!!!!! Noe saw what I was up to 🙂 HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!