My friend Ryan (who happens to be a graphic designer) saw this photo of Mike on yesterday's blog entry and couldn't resist…. I swear to you I've never heard Mike laugh that hard for that long… EVER!



On a side note… At Asia and Tony's wedding I took the photo you see below of the skyline. I purposely took it out of focus like this and think it's WAY cool!  As a matter of fact, I want to print a canvas of it for my living room 😀 Mike saw me working on it when processing their full gallery and said, "YOU'RE NOT GIVING THAT TO THEM… AAAAARE YOU?!??"

"HELL YES, and I plan on putting it in their blog entry!"

He THEN said, "I think that's a bad idea… it looks like a mistake!" So, he got me all paranoid about posting it so instead I posted the sharp one you saw yesterday.  HOWEVER, I'm posting it anyway! SO BOOOYAH MIKEY!!!!!