Nicole, you make me smile 🙂


Another view of Mom helping 🙂


 CHECK OUT THOSE SHOES!!!! Hey Nicole, who made them? I know people are going to ask 🙂



 love this… 🙂





My favorite! ❗ Images like these always make me want to jump in the photo! 





 I put this one up just for you Nicole! "STOP FOR LOOOOOVE!!!!" hahahahahaaaa!


 AYKM with that BEAUTY?!



 The signing of the Ketubah. Click here if you don't know what that is…


 If this image doesn't make you smile, I don't know what can!


 That image on the left…. Nicole's heart was beating so fast… and she was trying to calm herself down 🙂 It's also Mikey's favorite image ❓ She seemed completely shocked by her own reaction and kept putting her hand over her heart to see if it was for real 😀 One of my favorite things about the way Mike and I shoot is that I get to stay with the bride right before she walks down the aisle while Mike is shooting the processional.


 I can't remember exactly what this tradition is… but it's something like the bride and groom are covered in a blanket to signify and honor the people who were no longer with them.  I can tell you this, there wasn't a dry eye in the house…




 Nicole's cousin sang to them at the beginning of the reception… she sang "Real Love" by the Beatles. It was incredible!





 Mikey's view… PS. check out the Nike swoosh on his yarmulke… HAHAHAH!


 My view 😀


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Nicole and Ari… OH how we just LOVE LOVE LOVE you two!!!!!

They're made for one another, they really and truly are!  Nicole is sweet as pie, incredibly sincere and full of life.  Ari is genuine, totally hilarious and quite the smartass… and we love it! Together, they compliment each other beautifully.  Jewish tradition requires that they see each other prior to the official walk down the aisle for both the signing of the Ketubah and the Bedeken. So, when Ari first saw Nicole he walked up and said something along the lines of "you're standing there all dramatically… and I almost lost my sh*t." Nicole laughed while wiping tears from her eyes. It was so perfect 🙂 He later said that seeing her for the first time was something that he'd never forget… ever 🙂

Nicole looked beautiful, AYKM??!?!!! From her makeup to the dress… she was flawless.  Here's something I've never seen before 🙂 She had her hair and makeup team stay until after the ceremony so that she could have her hair changed up just a bit… isn't that a fun idea?! They also touched up her makeup so that she was fresh for the reception. GENIUS!

As you can see from the images, the entire day was full of awesome 🙂 We truly cannot thank you two enough for sharing your family, friends, traditions and amazing day with us 😀 


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Ready?  We are.  Click here for Nicole's and Ari's slide show.  The user name is Nicole's maiden name, and the password is Ari's last name, in all lower case.  You may also see the entire gallery via a link on the slide show page.  Enjoy!



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