We found an old truck that was used to deliver dry cleaning…. Pretty cool, huh?!






While we were back there, an old man came out of that door on the right and said, "this isn't a pretty setting, is it?!" oh absolutely it is!





Back to that old truck… 😉 






The light this day was the best I've ever seen in Indiana… GAH!  Why can't every day be like this?! Mikey's favorite ❓





speechless. Heather's Favorite 🙂





Andy, you're a stud.













Yeah… that's I-65. 🙂





Nicole, you're gorgeous.  DUH-TOWN!





We've been to this spot before… $10 iTunes gift certificate to the first person who can name that session. (if it was YOUR session or you're related to that couple, you're ineligible)  last time we were there though, it didn't have graffiti on the yellow arrow.





My view.





Mikey's view.  I like his better 🙂 Doesn't it make you want to snuggle? My favorite ❗





Wow.  And uh… another favorite ❗





I'm so proud of these photos.




INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  Wow… I love every every every one of these… why?  Because I think that in many of them…we captured them exactly as they are when no one's looking. Know what I mean?  I love the warmness, the snuggliness, the silliness, the loveiness, the everything about this session.

A few years ago, Mike and I were walking through the mall when I stopped to look at the Croc shoe kiosk.  The person working the booth said, "are you Bobbi and Mike, the wedding photographers?" Why yes yes yes, we are!  She then told us that she and her sister looked at our blog every day… and they were both close to being engaged. Well… that girls name is Kristen and Kristen's sister is Nicole (they're actually triplets, HOW COOL IS THAT?!)


Meet Kristen.  I happened to have my point and shoot with me that day, so I took a pictcha.  And PS. How HOT TAMALE is my hair color here!



About a year later, Kristen asked us about shooting her wedding… but, we were already booked 🙁 .  But, when Nicole inquired… we were available!  Soooo…. the whole purpose of this little story is to say that Nicole has been following our work for years (even back in the old blogspot days) 😀 WOWZAS!!!! And now finally… it was her turn to be photographed and to have HER photos on this blog.  She was SOOOO excited!!!! I just love her!

Can't WAIT for your wedding you two!!!!!





 We kind of hit a jackpot on our location find 🙂






A photo that REALLY captures me. It's a new favorite.




❗ + ❓