These two are some of the most smilingest people we’ve photographed… and I’m not mad about it. As a matter of fact… I’m quite happy about it… So happy in fact that I, while working on these images, became the most smilingest photographer who’s ever photographed the most smilingest people. Yeah, that’s a lot of smiles happening around here!
Photographed this team on IU’s campus. 🙂 Mike’s favorite ❓LOVE!!!! How you like them red grid apples?! 😉 My view.On the left… Mike’s. I think he won. Damnit. Switching it up! …added a bowtie and verrrrrry hannnnnndsome goldendoodle named Brookston. 😉 BADABOOM BADABING! On the left, my favorite ❗
Ohhh you twoooo… I sure can relate!
Ben just taught me how to tie a bowtie… look out betties, I’m about to be all fashionista and rock me some bowties! I mean, after all… the Kardashian ladies are doing it! 😉 …and we all know they’re the authority on all things cool. Right? 😉 Okay okay… fine! I won’t be wearing bow ties anytime soon. Sheeeeesh…

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Bloomington, Ind.

Together :: 12.8.07 • Engaged :: 6.8.12 • Wedding :: 6.7.14 :: Crawfordsville, Ind.

Nikaela :: Healthcare Management Consulting • Hometown :: Crawfordsville, Ind. • Home now :: Chicago, Ill. • five words :: Enchanting, Vivacious, Clever, Quaintrelle (we had to look it up too), Whimsical

Nick :: Logistics Brokerage • Hometown :: Bloomington, Ind. • Home now :: Chicago, Ill.five words :: Intelligent, Creative, Dapper, Caring, Hilarious

How they met, as told by Nikaela :: We met at my best friends 21st birthday party. I consider it fate because an extraordinary list of events occurred to bring us to the same place that night. However, if you asked Nick, he would tell you it was all because he had on his lucky shirt 🙂


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I wish I could walk around in this position all of the time… ie. DAAAAAAMN I be lookin’ skinny! 😉
Ohhhh Mike… you’re soooooo witty! 😉Nothing like going in for a session at IU and the SAMPLE GATES ARE BLOCKED!!!The smilingest people… BOOM!

[br] [br] [br]Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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