We saw what they were wearing and quickly painted the wall and door to match.  It's our thing… We're dedicated. 😉






This reminds me of a perfume ad… the look on Nadine's face couldn't be more perrrrrfect.






















Doesn't that look relaxing? Sign us up! See how their arms are interweaved?  Love rocks. 😀






Mikey's favorite ❓

















 This is our fourth session with our new tilt shift lens… and it's SO fun (albeit quite tricky).  See how that pipe in the top right of the frame is in focus, then Drew is out of focus…. and then Nadine is back IN focus.  Crazy, huh?  This is one of my favorites ❗
















Doesn't Drew have cool glasses?!











INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Nadine and Drew… NADINE AND DREWWWWWWW!!!!!!  We ADORE these two!  (Don't be mad that I just rhymed. What can I say?  I'm well timed 😀 )

Nadine is so silly, and I love it!  During our session, some guy drove by playing loud music and she started dancing 😀 !  Drew didn't even bat an eye.  Sounds like Mike and I… me doing something crazy and Mike acting as though it's completely normal.  Whateva, life is short… LIVE IT UP!

These two are from Terre Haute… and as many of you know… that's where Mikey and I met 🙂 So, it was fun reminiscing. 🙂 They're getting married there… and we really do love going back. YAHOOOOOOSKI!  See you in OCTOBA!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓



 Yes, I have the most handsome husband in the world. Duh-Town. ❓










I'm sorry that my hair looks AMAAAAAAAZING in this photo!  I don't mean to intimidate you with my beauty… it just comes so naturally to me. 😉






STOP! Bobbi's takin' your photo! Okay, that was stupid… 




❗ + ❓