Meet Nadine.  She has beautiful eyes!





The men did a little frisbee golf that morning 🙂  It was on like Donkey Kong!






Drew's gift to Nadine? A classic pearl necklace.  CLASSY!

















 What a stud…











Chillin' chillin' mindin' my bizness…







Right before the walk down the aisle.  One of our favorite parts of the day 😀






KISS D' BRIDE! (that just made me think of The Little Mermaid)











HEEELLLLLLLOOO!!!!!!!  GORRRRRGEOUS!!!!!! ps. bobbi's favorite! ❗











The light was OH SO fun that day!






 Bobbi's view….






 My view…










 More of that fun light 🙂 HELLOOOOO DRAMA! 😉












Another favorite part of the day? The first dance!!!! 🙂  My favorite ❓











This photo is SO Nadine!






As some of you guys may know, Bobbi and I went to college in the Haute together.  Every time we go back, it's a little trip down memory lane.  Mr. Drew did some time at ISU as well…he's now finishing up med school at IUPUI…less than a mile from where we live!  

I went out with the guys to Deming Park for a round of Frisbee golf.  And yeah, someone brought official "Frisbee golf" Frisbees!  And yep, Drew won (I think!). Who would've thought Frisbee golf was such a workout!?

Their ceremony went great and then it was off to Saint Mary of the Woods, which has some gorgeous old buildings and the reception halls to match.  After some fun bridal party photos outside (in the perfect fall weather I might add), some spectacular dinner, and their first dance it was party time…and Nadine is a dancing machine!

Much love to you guys!

Oh…and I bet you wanna see a slide show.  We've got one.  Click here!  The
user name is Nadine's maiden name, and the password is Drew's last name, in all lower case.

OK, ok…we've got their full gallery here as well!  Click here!  The event key is Drew's last name.

– ❓