Many of you have seen the images on my Instagram feed or on our  biz Facebook page. But for those who’ve seen one image without reading the previous entries or for those who may see me in public in the next couple of weeks (no giving my husband dirty looks), and for those who just like to read about a girl whose head moves faster than her feet… here’s the story. 🙂

This is really embarrassing, and it’s taking a lot of guts to tell it to you. Whatever, here goes. 🙂

We photographed a wedding on Friday…. the wedding of our dear friends, Kristen and John. SO thankful that this happened with friends.

In the midst of their ceremony, right as communion was starting… up walked the bride and groom to get the Eucharist from the back of the church. I was standing near-ish it. To grab my shot I backed up. Usually, I’m very good about looking behind myself before backing up. This time though… I didn’t. BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! Down went a huge solid oak book stand. Nothing broke… but… I squeeled in horror… loudly (and accidentally)! By the way, this isn’t the part where I got hurt.


I’ve seen these kinds of things happen to photographers on YouTube. You know, the photographer is walking backwards during the recessional and into the water fountain he falls.  Or backing up and he flips over backwards on a bench.  Never did I think that would happen to me. After all, because I don’t want to be that guy, I’m hyper aware of what’s going on around me when I’m shooting, always looking behind me before backing up. The second I don’t….. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

Needless to say I was frazzled. Very frazzled. I was horribly embarrassed. My  heart was racing. My face was red. And I couldn’t shake it. I’m not very often embarrassed and I don’t think I knew how to handle myself.

Fast forward 20 minutes… The recessional. 😀 As the bride and groom exit the church doors I say, knowing that the sun was setting and their was gorgeous light awaiting us right around the corner, “keep walking, go right outside that door…”

Instead, the church coordinator stopped them… “No no, they have to sign their marriage certificate,” and then sked us to go into a room and wait for the priest to come.

I thought to myself… “Noooooo… the light… the sun… it’s setting… and we’re sitting in here… waaaaitinnnngggg…”

So, I gave it five minutes… realized that the priest wasn’t coming anytime soon, so I told the maid of honor and best man that we would be right around the corner for when the priest  needed us… as I was not going to let this amazing light waste away.

By the way, at this point I still haven’t shaken the frazzlement from knocking over that huge wooden thing… heart was still racing and face was still red. Now add to that the setting sun, while photographing two people that I love and care for…. frazzled to the extreme.

So we walk outside the door, and knowing that I only have a few minutes before the sun sets, I’m walking full speed ahead… I walk around to this ledge that’s 2.5-3ft ish high to check the angle. I see that it’s no good and go to take a step down from it. But instead of stepping down, my right food stumbled… and, while walking at full speed, I fell face first… like a pendulum swinging forward from a pivot. My face landed just a few inches from a brick wall (when I think back, this part scares me the most).

I had my two new 5D Mark III’s with me, one in my left hand and the other hanging from my right shoulder. Instead of doing what most of us do when we fall, extend our arms… I was protecting my cameras.  In the miliseconds it took me to fall, I quickly turned the camera away from the ground and thrust my chest forward and my head backwards hoping that my chest would hit first.

My millisecond plan worked! If I had thrown out my arms… I, for sure, would have broken my wrists. If I hadn’t thrust my chest forward, I, for sure, would have broken my jaw. Luckily I’m a bit chubby and was blessed with uhm… large coconuts… or something…

That being said, the back of my left hand was very badly bruised (the back of my hand and not the front because I turned my camera away from impact)… and right now, it’s what’s hurts the most.

When I picture the fall in my head, all I can imagine is that I look like Mario in the penguin suit sliding on the ice in Super Mario Bros Wii.

The only people who saw me fall were the bride and groom. They ran over, “OH MY… ARE YOU OKAY?!” I laid there, silent and shocked, then slowly stood myself up and untangled my cameras, leaving them on the ground. I looked up and Kristen, while seeing my face for the first time since I fell, exclaimed, “Oh! You’re bleeding!”

I looked at John and said, “Can you please go get Mike?” He runs off.

Meanwhile, I turned away from the scene and removed my beloved watch, which was now broken. That’s when Mike came around the corner, my back to him “Bobbi, what’s up?!” I turned to look at him and he realized then that this wasn’t just a skinned knee situation, he too exclaimed, “BOBBI! Are you okay?!”

“Yes yes yes, I’m fine.” I picked up my cameras and started shooting. Now, at this point… the sun had set… but damnit, I had come out here to shoot, I’m going to shoot.

“You really don’t have to do this Bobbi,” Kristen said (they saw each other before the ceremony and we shot the majority of their portraits then).

“Yes, I do.” Now, she was my personal trainer for two years… she, knowing me very well, knew and respected why I still had to keep going.

So, I shot about 3ish minutes worth of images… and checkmarked it (I’m sure that my shaking hands made for amazing images).

I followed behind while Mike photographed them signing their marriage certificate. As I walked by the family, shirt half untucked, blood dripping from my face, hair a mess… they just looked at me, stunned and wondering, I’m sure, “she’s the wedding photographer… what could have possibly happened to her?!”

I walked into the bathroom where I was alone for the first time since I fell… took one look in the mirror and started sobbing.  You know, that big loud ugly cry that toddlers do.  After all, my pride was hurt a whole lot more than my face was. I wasn’t having the best day.

I composed myself and walked into the sanctuary and started lining up family pictures while blood dripped from my chin.

Then we headed to the reception where I was able to get some bandaids… the cut on my face wouldn’t stop bleeding and kept filling up every bandaid I put on it. Five hours later, when I got home, I put a cotton ball on it and fell asleep. By the time the morning came, it had finally stopped bleeding. 🙂

The next day, we shot a wedding in Bloomington. On the way there we stopped to fill up our gas tank… three old ladies started giving Mike dirty looks. I told them that I fell. They clearly didn’t believe me. Whatever.

By Sunday my whole body ached… especially my abs and coconuts.

And that’s the end of my story.


Thanks for all of your concern over the last few days… means more than you know.

You know, I’m feeling incredibly fortunate. I keep looking at my face and thinking about all of the things that could have happened to me that didn’t. Such a scary fall.

The biggest thanks of all goes to Kristen, John and their families… thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so compassionate and understanding.

Much love friends.

~bobbi ❗ [br] [br] [br]