I've moved
...but nothing's changed

Soooo…. I no longer live in Indianapolis. If you follow my Insta-story you already knew that… but for the 5% of the world that don’t (sarcasm) I thought it miiiiight be a good idea to keep my lovely blog readers in the loop.

I’m now a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. 


Ok… so maaaaybe your reaction wasn’t nearly that over-the-top… but let’s pretend for a moment that I’m important enough that you just spit out your drink after reading my big news.

To answer all of your suuuuuper dramatic questions:


Yes yes yes, I’ve moved two hours south from the middle of Indiana to the land of Northern Kentucky… AKA, Louisville. AKA, Looavul. AKA, Luhvul. AKA, Looeyville. AKA, the land of amazing restaurants. AKA, the home of the Kentucky Derby. AKA, the place I now call home.


I fell in love with a man named Stephen who has lived in Louisville his whole life. Not to mention that I also fell in love with his three beautiful children Andrew, Josh and Claire. Annnnnd I am engaged to be married to that lovely man (date and details to be determined). 😀


I moved here about two months ago. It took four U-Haul trucks and two trailers over the course of 6 weeks but we finally made it.


Psh. Of COURSE MegMoney is still my right hand woman! Megan and I will continue to shoot all weddings and engagement sessions together… so you need not worry about that! She still works for me but now we work remotely from each other.  I’m so thankful that technology will keep us working together from different states.


Oh sheeeeesh! I’m not abandoning you drama queens! If you check out my contact page on this site you’ll see that it now says, “based in Indianapolis and Louisville. Available worldwide.”  I will continue to treat Indianapolis as though I’m a local photographer; as in, no travel fee. In other words: Indianapolis friends, please don’t remove me from your referral lists! I love me some Indianapolis! Also, Louisville friends I would love to be considered for your referral lists.  Here’s my elevator pitch: In the last 13 years of shooting I have photographed nearly 400 weddings all over the midwest and the world. Relaxed, happy portraits are my jam. Oh, and I REALLY love this town!

Sooooo there you have it! Thank you friends, as always, for your love and loyalty. Without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Please don’t give up on us… we really have only just begun.

Stay tuned for the greatest part of my adventure yet.

Much love friends,


PS. In all seriousness, if you are interested in following along with my world… my Insta-Story is where it’s at. 😉 Follow along if you’d like!