morgan & bradley
morgan & bradley
morgan & bradley
Indianapolis • IN

I love how much these two love each other. 🙂
01_BobbiSheridan_MBE1502_BobbiSheridan_MBE15They’re getting married on September 10th…. get it?! WACKY BOBBI STRIKES AGAIN! 😉028_MorganBradNice earrings Morgan! 04_BobbiSheridan_MBE1505_BobbiSheridan_MBE15These two LOOOOVE all things Indianapolis! Her shirt has Indianapolis’ area code and his has the Indianapolis flag.  06_BobbiSheridan_MBE1507_BobbiSheridan_MBE1508_BobbiSheridan_MBE15I posted the one on the right on my Facebook biz page and everyone was commenting that she looked like Taylor Swift. I’d have to agree! 09_BobbiSheridan_MBE1510_BobbiSheridan_MBE15Who can resist?! Certainly not these two Indianapolis fans!

See you in September!

Much love friends,