My mom is my biggest fan.  Anyone who's been reading our blog for more than a couple of weeks knows that…. afterall, she comments on nearly EVERY entry.  Yeah, she rocks.

Oh and before I go further… You guys know she comments as Momba.. well, that's because when I was a kid I called her Momba and she called me Bomba.  Yeah… we're weird.  But hey, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree πŸ˜‰

When she's around, I can't help but have fun.  She's so incredibly silly… She jumps, she shimmies, she dances, she sinnnnnngs loudly, she makes goofy faces, she's super animated and well…. she's my mom.    

Over the last couple of years, Mike and I… well… it's been a whirlwind of busy-ness.  Now, I'm NOT complaining about it… it's great to be self employed and be busy πŸ™‚  But.. as a result, our personal lives have been put on the back burner.  As in… we don't get to spend much time with friends, family, etc.  I don't want to get much more into it… but, I'm sure many of you understand.

The point of all of that is this… Because our lives are 95% work… our house is always in disarray.  MOM TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!  For about the last two months, she's been coming over every other week and helping us.  I cannot tell you all how much that means to us…. I know I'm sounding ridiculous but I'm getting a little emotional thinking about how wonderful she's been.  Seeing her regularly and living in an uncluttered organized house… wow, you have NO idea how much of a difference it's made in our little lives and I can't thank her enough.  

I'm not doing a good job here of explaining myself… just know that I'm so incredibly appreciative to have such an awesome mom. 


 I OH SO love this image of my mom and me.  I think it REALLY shows our relationship.  How lucky am I?!



On a COMPLETELY side note here… Halfway through this blog entry I got up and went to the bathroom… Mike's sleeping so I kept all of the lights off so that I didn't wake him.  As I was coming back into my office I took a quick turn to walk down the hallway… but, I turned too early and ran SQUARE into the wall.  I ran SO hard into the wall that according to Mike I shook the bedroom.  There were about 3 rooms in between where I walked and where he was.  He said he thought someone drove into our building.  Nope… just me MAKING A DAMN FOOL out of myself!  I was walking FAST…. SPLATTTTTT!  I'm always in a hurry when I'm in work mode. 

It's funny the thoughts that come out of your head when something like this happens… here were my train of thoughts… "OWWWW!  I think I broke my nose!  Wait, I don't have a very big nose… there's no way I broke it.  Thank God it wasn't Mike that this happened to… because he definitely would have broken his."  Don't be mad… I can't control my brain πŸ™‚  I love my Mikey's nose! πŸ˜€

Anyway… after that rush of ridiculous thoughts, I started sobbing.  Mike had already woken up because well… I shook the walls.  He rushed in… "ARE YOU OKAY?!"  My mouth was bleeding… my front left tooth (AKA my snaggle tooth) had gashed a hole in my lip (it sounds much more dramatic that way πŸ˜€ ) and now I have a minorly fat lip.  He held me in his arms while I cried… and when I told him what I did he felt bad… but couldn't help but laugh.  I mean, can you blame him?! I love that man so much. 

So yes… I'm a bit of a dingbat and a drama queen… but really, what's new?!



To show you my battle wounds, I busted out the Photo Booth program that came with my Mac.  Gosh, I look so pitiful in this photo.  Now… I have an abnormally small nose… and maybe only my mom and Mike would notice… but my nose is swollen… see?  Notice the fat lip, too?  (on the left side) How about the red eyes from crying?!  DRAMA QUEEEEEN!  Go figure… I don't do well with pain.  GAH!  



So… the ORIGINAL point of this blog entry (before I almost needed to be rushed to the hospital πŸ˜‰ ) was to say that I love my mom… so I'll end with that πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU MOM!  Thanks for EVERYTHING!

~bobbi michelle ❗