I’m warning you now… this is one of my favorite engagement sessions that we’ve ever photographed… 🙂As we were getting to know them during the session… I learned that on their sixth (maybe 7th 😉 ) date they drank root beer floats. Then, we came upon this root beer stand… it was fate. 😉Molly is a photographer and Glen is a visual designer… when I asked them to sit by this arrow… they didn’t question me even for a second. 🙂  I love photographing creatives…People often ask me where we find the spots we photograph… my answer… it’s everywhere, you just need to look for it… 😀Molly and Glen, you two are some of the most beautiful people we’ve met… both inside and out. If there were a fan club, I would apply to be the president. Oh, speaking of that… we once photographed the president of the Davy Jones fan club. 🙂 Yeah, sometimes I like to name drop. Those shoes that Glen is wearing… I had a pair exactly like them in 1998. 🙂  Wait… I still have them. Wow. I’m thrifty! Then a quick outfit and location change… Mike’s favorite ❓AHHHH!!!! SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!Jumping and smiling is not the easiest of feats! These two are the definition of crazy in love.One of my favorite images I’ve ever ever taken. ever. ❗


indianapolis, ind.

wedding |  october 8, 2011 • lodi, calif.

together |  october 7, 2007

engaged |  may 6, 2010

molly |  photographer • hometown | rocklin, calif.

glen |  job • hometown | vernon, conn.

current city |  san francisco, calif.

how they met, as told by molly | “I asked Glen to answer this and he said, “Fate.” And then, “All the planets aligned.”  But my real answer is: I relocated from California to Boston for my master’s degree, and moved in with a new roommate sight-unseen.  After roughly a month, this roommate and her boyfriend (Debbie + Jeremy — who are now married, pregnant with our goddaughter, and our matron of honor and best man) said they needed to introduce me to Jeremy’s best friend since high school, because they were pretty sure we were made for one another.  They were very perceptive. 🙂 “




Thank you thank you thank you for making the haul to Indianapolis from California…! But even more thanks for asking us to be your wedding photographers. We couldn’t be more excited and honored.

Much love friends…

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

See… photo spots are everywhere 🙂

❗ + ❓