After posting Mike’s extreme close up, our friend Justin noticed that Mike had “Central Heterochromia” in his eyes. NOOOOO!!!?! My husband has what?!!?!  Will he make it out alive?!!?!?  I quickly Googled it in a panic!

Whew… what a relief when I found that Mike was going to live through it!

Here’s what Wikipedia told me, “Central heterochromia is an eye condition where there are two colors in the same iris; the central (pupillary) zone of the iris is a different color than the mid-peripheral (ciliary) zone.”

It seems that it’s just a fancy term for the inside of your iris being a different color than the outside of your iris.

Whatever, I’d already committed myself to blogging about it… I was in too deep to back out now!

In prepping for this captivating blog entry, I took a photo of his eye. 🙂

WHOA!!!!! What a cool little project this was for me! Eyes are wild I tell you!

It’s like his pupil is on fire and his iris is trying to put the fire out! Too abstract of a visual? Maybe. Whatever… I like it! Anyway… look at the pattern and texture… so damn cool! Oh, and let it be known… the color in this image has not been enhanced.

I’m obsessed with Mike (as though you didn’t know) and knew he had bi-colored eyes… but I had NO idea that his eyes were this awesome. Oh man he’s pretty! 😀

Side note: auto focusing a macro lens on a pupil is damn near impossible… take it from me, switch over to manual focus and save yourself a lot of headache! (it kept focusing on my reflection… argh!)

After  being shock and awed while looking at his eyeball on the back of the camera, I handed the camera to him… “Here, take one of my eye!”

WHOA! What are those things?! It’s like there are little squiggly blue-ish streams popping out from my pupil… That’s CRAZY! Furthermore, what are those peach patches?! I had NO idea that my eye looked like that! Now, it’s no secret that I don’t wear makeup… so I don’t look super closely at myself in the mirror like most women do (unless my unibrow is making an appearance… but that’s for a whole different, equally captivating blog entry 😉 ).

EDITED TO ADD :: My eyes change color in the winter to a gray color… in the summer they’re blue. Maybe I’ll re-take it in June! K, that’s all ::

In conclusion… it seems that Mike isn’t quite as special as I thought he was with his super rare Heterochromia. Though, let’s be real… in the cool eye color department… he wins… hands down!

I’m going to make it my mission to photograph all of my loved ones eyes with a macro lens! So friends and family, you’ve been warned. 😉

Much love friends…

~bobbi ❗

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